Pet Munchies Dog Treats Review

January 21, 2014

I have a lovely King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. He is a bit of a character and tends to get spoiled. He does love his treats and I keep a varied selection on hand for those times when he is good. He also does tend to get a treat when he looks at me with his big brown eyes in a sad way. He definitely has me worked out. I do worry giving him treats will make him put on weight so I do try to look for healthy options. Recently I was sent some Pet Munchies for him to try out.Pet MunchiesThe Pet Munchies are made from 100% natural ingredients and are low in fat and carbohydrate so they are healthy. I am happy that they do not contain any artificial flavours or colours as well. The Pet Munchies come in strips which are easy to give to your pet as a treat. Look at the reaction I got the second I opened the packet.

King Charles SpanielYou can smell the scent of the meat wafting out from the packet and my dog obviously realised that something good was in the packet. He was trying his best to reach up and get one before I took it out to give it to him. Once he received it he ran off with it and ate it in the corner before we could take it off him.

King Charles eating dog treatHe obviously really enjoyed it. The Pet Munchies come in a range of different flavours, I tried Duck and Ocean White Fish as they are more unusual flavours. You can also get several varieties of chicken and beef. There are also training treats available. A packet of Pet Munchies is RRP £2.70 and there are plenty of treats in the 100g bag. You can find more information about Pet Munchies on the GJW Titmuss website, an on-line retailer for all your pet supplies.

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Disclosure: I was sent some Pet Munchies for my dog to review.

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