Pedigree Light Complete Dog Food with chicken

December 19, 2016

Pedigree light complete dog food with chicken is a dog food which is low in fat. Pedigree dry food is designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity.

My dog, Eddie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an integral part of the family. When we come back to the house having been out he greets us happily springing up to meet us.  He is very set in his routines knowing exactly when it is time for his walks and letting everyone else know. There is nothing he likes more than being petted and will often be found snuggled up beside one of us snoring contentedly. For a little dog he snores loudly. The snores reverberate around the room and you know that Eddie is asleep.

Dog alseep and snoring

As well as sleeping a lot Eddie loves exploring. He loves his walks and takes great pleasure in guarding the garden. He will spend ages patrolling the perimeter and if any birds come near he will bark furiously. Recently we installed a bird table in the garden and we get a particular wood pigeon who delights in visiting. He spends ages walking round the table pecking up the food. Eddie is not at all happy about this wood pigeon, Woody. If we open the back door and Woody is at the bird table Eddie will spring out barking furiously. Woody needs to take flight quickly before he loses his tail feathers.

Dog guarding garden

The importance of the right diet for dogs

A little while ago we had a bit of a scare with Eddie. He became ill and was just lying there looking listless. His tummy was sore and he was not able to jump up or move about. There is nothing worse than watching your pet lying there clearly ill and you are not able to do anything about it. It is not like they can tell you what is wrong. We took him to the vets and the vets took him into dog hospital in order to do blood tests. They discovered he had Pancreatitis. This is a nasty disease where the pancreas starts trying to digest itself and makes the dog really unwell.

Eddie was in hospital for a couple of days on fluids and antibiotics before he was discharged. We visited him and although he couldn’t move he still managed to wag his tail. Fortunately Eddie is fine but we now have to be really careful that he gets a low fat diet. This will hopefully prevent the condition happening again. Pancreatitis can be caused by a high fat diet although some breeds are more prone to it. This Christmas please be careful what you give your dog. There are many foods that are fine for humans that are dangerous to dogs. Fatty meats like sausages or ham can cause pancreatitus. Chocolate can poison your dog. Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure. It is best to make sure your dog sticks to a diet of dog food with the occasional doggy treat.

Pedigree Light Complete Dog Food with chicken

Eddie now has to eat a low fat diet which sounds easy but it is really hard to work out which dog foods are low fat. There is only a very limited selection on the market and Eddie is really fussy. He has turned his nose up at most of them. I have been having to feed him a diet of cooked chicken and pasta which he loves. Recently Pedigree got in touch and asked me if Eddie would like to try some of their dried dog food. I explained that Eddie was on a low fat diet and they were able to provide a dried food that is low in fat. Pedigree Light Complete Dry dog is low in fat and contains chicken and vegetables.

Pedigree vital light

Pedigree dry dog food is designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity so it sounded as if it was worth a try. My only concern was if Eddie would eat it. He is very fussy when it comes to food. We had tried numerous low fat wet dog foods and he just refused to eat them. After placing these foods in his bowl he would give one sniff then walk away.

When opening the Pedigree dry dog food Eddie showed a lot of interest. He was sniffing the packet and looking at me. The food is in fairly large kibbles some of which are orange and green. Presumably these are the carrots and other vegetables. I put some of the kibbles in his bowl and to my surprise he ate them straight away.

King Charles Spaniel eating pedigree dog food

How Eddie has been getting on with Pedigree Light

I have been feeding Eddie a mixture of his chicken and pasta diet for one meal and the Pedigree Light Complete dog food for his evening meal. I think a mixture of wet and dried dog food is better for him. It is also better to introduce a new dog food gradually to give your dog time to adjust. So far he has been doing really well on the Pedigree. He is his normal inquisitive self who is happy to play at times and sleep at others. A big bonus for me is that he is actually eating the Pedigree Light Complete. It was frustrating coming home with different foods only for Eddie to refuse to eat them. Now I have Eddie’s diet sorted out I am happy that he will stay in good health.

Do you have a dog? Are they fussy about their food? How do you deal with that and get them to eat? Let me know below

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I was sent some Pedigree Light dog food for Eddie to try and see how he got on with it. My opinions are mine (and Eddie’s own). If he did not like the food he would not eat it.

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4 responses to “Pedigree Light Complete Dog Food with chicken”

  1. Meil says:

    That is a very cute dog. Glad that he is now healthy. Been hearing that Cavaliers tend to have heart problems so better check on that one. Low-fat diet is good. Great post.

  2. I would never have imagined that he was a loud snorer, bless Eddie – such a cutie and nice that you’ve found food that he loves

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