Guinness Gourmet Peanuts & Cashews Review

July 4, 2012
Guiness Gourmet Peanuts & CashewsRecently I received a couple of bags of Guinness Gourmet Peanuts and Cashews in the post to try. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I have tried lots of different flavours of nuts previously but Guinness flavour is not one I had seen before. The flavour is meant to combine the classic combination of steak with the well known stout drink Guinness with peanuts and cashews. I really wondered what these would be like.
Guinness peanuts and cashewsThe nuts are a decent size and I was pleased to see that there was an equal mix of peanuts and cashews. Often in mixed nut packs you get lots of peanuts and not so many of the other nuts. I particularly like cashews so was happy with this. The nuts are covered in a brown powdery coating which contains the flavour. The nuts have been double roasted as well which is meant to make them more flavoursome.
I must admit I found the nuts rather tasty. They have a slightly spicy flavour which is rather nice but not overpowering. I was not really sure if they tasted of Guinness as it is a long time since I have drunk that. I could taste a hint of steak however and I did find that I could not stop at just one nut, I had to eat more. They were definitely a unique and different snack. I let my husband try some as well as he loves nuts, but can be a bit wary of non-salted varieties. He enjoyed them as well and they disappeared from the bowl very rapidly.
If you are looking for something a bit different to snack on these are definitely worth a try. They would be perfect for having out at a barbecue while the food is cooking or a pre-dinner nibble at a party. The only thing I disliked about them was that the coating went a little soggy when they had been sitting out for a little while. This can easily be avoided by adding them to a bowl as you need them, rather than pouring them out at all at once so it is a minor issue.
Guinness Gourmet Peanuts and Cashews are available in Sainsburys and will be in Waitrose from 9th July 2012. They are RRP £1.49 for a 90g grab bag which is big enough to share (or to hide and eat by yourself).
Disclosure: I was sent some Guinness Gourmet Peanuts & Cashews to try but the opinions expressed are my own.
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