Patak’s Stir Fry Sauce Review

November 2, 2012

>I was interested to see that Patak’s now have a range of Patak’s Stir Fry Sauces which allow you to make a curry very quickly. I do not normally associate stir fry with curry, I am more used to using these sauces to make a Chinese meal so I was interested to see how they would work

Pataks stir fry sauce

The Patak’s Stir Fry Sauces come in three different types, Punjabi 5 Spice, Bengali Coconut and Goan Hot and Sour.  I tried the Punjabi 5 Spice which is apparently inspired by the dish Paanch Phoran and uses five spices that you find most commonly in Indian dishes. These are cumin, fennel, funegreek , nigella seeds and mustard seeds. It is then mixed with tomato and cream to make the sauce.

Cooking it is easy, you just add to cook meat and vegetables in a frying pan, add the sauce, stir though and serve with rice.  I used a mixture of chicken, mushrooms and green beans, since I seemed to have run out of onions. I cooked the chicken though, added the mushrooms and green beans and then stirred in the sauce.  It looked quite nice when it was done.

Pataks stir fry sauce

I am not a great lover of very hot spicy curries but this was very nice. It was mild but full of flavour and made a very tasty meal. My husband and son enjoyed it as well. I will definitely get a few of these sauces in to use in the future for a quick and easy meal.

You can find Patak’s sauces in most supermarkets.  More information on the range of sauces can be found on Patak’s website.

Disclosure: I was sent some Patak’s sauces to try in order to review them on my blog, but I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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