Pataks Rogan Josh Curry Paste

February 17, 2012

The other day I decided to try out Pataks Rogan Josh Curry Paste. My husband loves a curry but I am not generally so keen. I  tend to stick to the milder varieties of curry  like korma.  I had not tried a Rogan Josh before so I was a little bit wary but decided to be adventurous.

The curry paste contains all the herbs and spices you need to make the curry.  You  just need to add a large dollop to the pan when you are cooking it and the idea is that it will make the perfect curry. Rogan Josh is described as a medium curry and originates from the Kashmir region of India. It is a tomato based curry rather than a creamy curry so for me very different.

The preparation was really easy. I had some left over roast chicken so I decided to make a chicken based curry.  I warmed a little bit of oil in the pan then added some onions, a little garlic and some mushrooms. I fried these until they were soft then added the cooked chicken. The jar said to add quarter of the jar of the Rogan Josh paste so I did this and mixed it up well.  A tin of tomatoes is then added to the mixture and 100 ml of water.

I let it simmer for a while, stirring it now and again while the rice was cooking. A rather delicious smell was wafting though the kitchen by this time and the family was getting hungry. I served it onto the plates.

The curry was really nice. I was worried that it might be too hot but while it did have a hint of spice the taste was much more aromatic.  It is a lovely blend of flavours and I would be happy to try this again. It has made me think about perhaps being a little bit more adventurous with curry in the future and trying different things. The family agreed, my husband loved it but as he loves curry anyway that was no surprise. However my son also ate it all, and he is like me, a bit wary when it comes to curry.

I really liked the fact that the curry paste made the meal easy to prepare. Normally when I do curry you have to measure out teaspoons of different sorts of spices and mix them together. I always find I am missing one and end up having to dash out to try and find it. With the curry paste all you do is to dollop it into the pan and add the other ingredients. It is so much simpler and the end result is lovely.

You will find Pataks Curry Paste in most supermarkets and there is a range of different flavours available.  A 290 g jar is around £2.00 and you will get three or four meals out of that. It’s definitely worth having in the cupboard as a standby.

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  1. Sheila Reeves says:

    I’ve recently tried the curry pastes and love them, so easy to use, the spices don’t lose their “oomph” and create a really tasty meal. I agree this flavour is more aromatic than hot, which suits my palate well

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