Parka Jacket from Lands’ End Review

December 12, 2011

As you may be aware I recently got a dog and one of the things I have been worried about is walking him in the winter weather. You may remember at this time last year we had lots and lots of snow and I realised at that time that my winter jackets were just not weather proof. They were fine for running from the car into the house, but if I had got stuck in the snow or rain for any length of time they were just not up to the job. I was really pleased to see that Lands’ End were calling for bloggers and I jumped at the chance to review a jacket for them. I was really hoping it would be good for all sorts of weather so I could walk the dog without worrying about cold and damp.

I was offered the choice of any jacket from their website and it was a very difficult decision. They have a wide range of jackets from duffel coats to fleeces to all weather jackets.  It was difficult but I ended up choosing this Luxe Down Parka, which looked like it would be just what I needed.

It is a down jacket which is described as having 600 fill down for extra warmth, DriOff finish to repel snow and wet and has the warmest temperature rating. It sounded perfect. I chose the Arctic Gray colour, as most of my jackets are black and I am not sure that is very safe on a dark winter night. It is also available in Washed Teal, Black and Rose Red.

I have to say that I really love this coat. The hood had a fur rim but it is detachable so if you want to remove it you can. As with most coats I found that the hood tends to fall over my eyes so I can’t see where I am going, but worn with a hat its fine. The fur rim is removable as well, so if I remove that it would probably resolve the problem.

The zip is a double zip. It can be a little bit fiddly to do up with cold hands so it is best to do it up before leaving the house rather than when the dog is pulling you along the road.  There is a storm shield over the zip which has poppers to cover the zip for extra warmth.  The zip goes right up to your neck. You can leave it open but on really cold days you can zip it right up for a really snug feeling.

There are two pockets on the coat. An outer one with a pair of poppers over it which is ideal for holding your phone or keys. Behind this there is a fleece lined pocket which you can easily slip your hands into if you are cold. These have a pouch with a velcro zip over them, which apparently is to hold hand warmers. I think this is a great idea for the winter.

Another nice touch is that the sleeves have an inner fleece lining and this taken down to the edge of your cuffs as a separate layer. This really keeps the wind out of your arms.

I tried this jacket in a number of different weather conditions. At various times over the last couple of weeks we have had cold and frosty mornings, howling gales and lashing rain. I have to say that this jacket was wonderful and it kept me warm and dry when walking the dog in all these. It’s just a shame that the dog ended up wet and muddy on more than one occasion.

I was very impressed with this jacket. It is very well made and there is lots of attention to little details which end up keeping you warm and cosy. I now have no fear of being cold this winter and am almost looking forward to walking the dog on the coldest days.

RRP £130

There are a range of jackets on the site of varying styles and prices so you are bound to find one that will suit you. They are available for men, woman and children so you can find one for each member of your family.

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