Papa John’s lower fat cheese pizza

September 2, 2016
Papa John's lower fat cheese pizza

I love pizza and would be happy to eat it every day. Unfortunately pizza contains lots of calories and eating one can use up most of your daily calorie allowance. Papa John’s now offer the choice of a lower fat cheese topping on all their pizzas.  They took on board customer feedback to make this change allowing you to feel  less guilty about eating a pizza. Papa John’s have also made it easier to find the lighter options on their menu by highlighting them in green.  Chargrilled corn on the cob is a new side dish and frozen yoghurt  is an enjoyable dessert. 

Papa John's lower fat cheese pizza

Papa John’s lower fat cheese pizza is meant to be just as tasty as their normal pizza. Recently I was sent a pizza to see if I was able to tell the difference.  You can pick the lower fat cheese option when you order the pizza. Just choose the pizza you want and then tick the “switch to lower fat cheese” option. We chose All The Meats pizza which is a combination of pepperoni, succulent sausage, crispy bacon, spicy beef and ham.

Papa John’s lower fat cheese pizza taste test

Soon the delivery arrived and we found that we had been sent some char-grilled corn on the cob and some brownies as well as the pizza. Opening the pizza box we found the pizza inside. Looking at the pizza you could not tell that lower fat cheese had been used. It looks very much the same as normal. A delicious smell wafted out.

Papa John's lower fat pizza

Next the taste test. I hadn’t told my son that it was lower fat cheese and to be honest he didn’t notice. He was quite happy eating the pizza. I knew that it was lower fat cheese and I couldn’t really taste the difference. The one thing I did notice was that the cheese was not as stringy as normal. Usually when you pull the pizza apart the cheese forms strings but that didn’t happen. This did make the pizza much easier to cut. The pizza was very tasty.

Papa John's lower fat cheese pizza


I have to quickly mention the char-grilled corn on the cobs which are a lovely addition to the menu. They allow you to add a side dish without adding calories and they taste delicious as well. I would definitely try the lower fat cheese option again if I was ordering a Papa John’s pizza. It reduces the calorie count without compromising on taste.

You can also find out what I thought of Papa John’s BBQ Beef Brisket pizza which is a fairly new addition to the range. If you prefer to make your own pizza then why not try my recipe for home made pizza.




4 responses to “Papa John’s lower fat cheese pizza”

  1. Oh this is good to know – takeaway season has started for us (haha it coincides with x factor) so it’s good to know I don’t need to feel as guilty now x

  2. Sophie isn’t keen on melted cheese so she’d definitely be a fan – and I like the idea of a lower fat/calorie option so you can nibble on pizza without feeling guilty !

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