Ozeri Serafino Insulated Glasses Review

September 12, 2013

Previously I have reviewed bathroom scales and kitchen scales from Ozeri and I was very pleased with them both. I was interested to see how their other products compared and was pleased to try these Ozeri Serafino Glasses. Have you ever fancied having incredibly tough glasses that you can put hot drinks into and that will keep cold drinks cool? In our house we do have more than our fair share of glass accidents, they seem to get broken all the time. I was delighted to try these Ozeri Serafino Insulated Glasses. These are tougher than the average glass, they are made with heat and shatter resistant borosilicate glass. It means you can put a hot drink into them or a cold drink and have no fear of it breaking.
Ozeri Serafino
They also come with a double wall which acts like insulation acting to keep a cold drink cool or a hot drink hot. It also means if you have a hot drink you don’t burn your hands when holding it.

Ozeri Serafino GlassesIt also looks really snazzy when you have a drink inside, it has a strange optical effect that makes it look as if the drink is just hanging in space. My son was really taken with this and these are his favourite glasses to use now.

serafino glassesThe glass also has a lovely shape, it dips in at the middle which makes it really easy to grip when you are drinking. I did notice that the lip of the glass is slightly thicker than the lip of my other glasses but I soon got used to this. Even better the glass is dishwasher, mircowave, freezer and oven safe. I haven’t tested putting it in the freezer or oven yet, I am not sure why I would want to. I have heated up a drink in the microwave and it worked really well.

I love these glasses, they look really different and are really practical as well. Ozeri Seafino glasses can be bought from Amazon.  The pack of two large glasses is RRP £29.95 but they are currently on sale.

Disclosure: I was sent some Ozeri Serafino Glasses in order to an honest review, I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

6 responses to “Ozeri Serafino Insulated Glasses Review”

  1. These glasses look really cool and a great review. I have a tendency to break glasses and like my drinks to keep their temperature so probably rather good for me 🙂

  2. Kavey says:

    Like the look of these. I am clumsy so anything sturdy is good news and I love the insulation as I take ages to finish a cold drink. Nice!

  3. 7hippopotamus says:

    These glasses sound great, I like the fact that they can go in the dishwasher too. Would love some of these for summer to keep my drinks cool.

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