Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan Review

October 10, 2013

One pan that I use a lot is my frying pan. Recently I have been having problems with them, the non-stick ones I have been using seem to have lost their non-stickiness. After time the coating wears off and the food is stuck to the pan. What I wasn’t aware of is that the traditional non-stick coating uses PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) which at high temperatures can release fumes which can’t be good.

I have been looking for a replacement pan and was delighted when I was sent this Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan to try. Instead of the usual non-stick coating the Ozeri Green Earth Pan uses Greblon ceramic for the pans surface. This is a ceramic surface that prevents food bonding to it. It is also 100% free from PTFE  and PFOA and other harmful chemicals.
Ozeri Green Earth Pan
The pan is a gorgeous green colour which looks stunning against the black surface of my cooker. There is something cheerful about having bright coloured pans in the kitchen, it helps you feel happy while you cook.  The surface of the pan is interesting, it is not flat. If you look you can see a honeycomb design on the surface. This has been done so that the heat will spread evenly over the item you are cooking. The pan itself is made from aluminium with a magnetised bottom for faster heat conduction.

Ozeri Frying PanSo how well did it cook? This is the 20cm version of the pan, it is suitable for holding about three fried eggs comfortably. You can get a range of different sizes depending what you need.

The first thing I noticed when I added the egg to the pan was that it didn’t stick to the surface at all, it just seemed to slide around the pan. This meant I didn’t need to add as much oil to cook it.
Ozeri Green Earth Frying PanThe egg slid out of the pan perfectly and cooked quickly. I was very pleased with the result. I  have tried the pan with different types of food and have been equally pleased with the result. The pan is also really easy to clean which is a big benefit.  This is a lovely pan which I will use lots.

The Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan is available from Amazon, the 20cm pan is RRP £39.95. I noticed it is currently £24.95.

Disclosure: I was sent an Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan for review purposes. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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