Organic September: Celebrating organic food

September 15, 2017
Organic September

This month is organic September. Helping celebrate organic food and raising the profile of farmers and producers who create food the way it should be.

I firmly believe that eating food that is in season will give you more flavourful food. Another way of doing this is by eating organic food. In these days of mass production we want everything now. We try to hurry nature by using fertilisers and pesticides. Sadly this can have a harmful effect on wildlife and we have seen decline in our native species.

Producing organic food uses less pesticides, no artificial additives, preservatives or GM ingredients. Animals have a higher welfare standard and farms are sustainable. This means the land is looked after naturally which is beneficial to wildlife. By buying organic you are helping to look after the earth.

Organic September

This September the Soil Association are working with retailers and the UK’s finest organic producers to encourage the whole nation to try organic. There will be a while range of events, talks, demonstrations and tastings to help consumers try organic. Watch out for Organic September Saturday tomorrow, the 16th September. The Soil Association and Whole Foods Market  are teaming up to let the public sample a selection of BOOM (Best of Organic Market) award winners in stores.

How do I know the food I buy is organic?

Organic food has a fully traceable supply chain right back to the farm. It is inspected at each stage of the process to ensure your food is produced to the highest standards. The Soil Association certifies products. Any product that carries the Soil Association logo is made with fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, it’s always free range, the highest standards of animal welfare and absolutely no GM ingredients.

For further information, visit 

Over 1,000 new products were certified by Soil Association Certification in the last six months including nut butters, superfoods and nutritional products, seaweeds and sea vegetables. Organic does not just apply to fruit and vegetables but to all the food we buy.

Organic  September

Why should I swap to organic this September?

Here are four facts on why you should swap to organic this September.

  1. Less pesticides. In non-organic farming up to 300 pesticides are used. These remain in the food even after washing and cooking.
  2. No artificial colours and preservatives are in the food.
  3. The food is always free range: Organic means the very highest animals welfare as standard
  4. No routine use of antibiotics. Animals are happier and healthier.

Five top tips for buying organic on a budget 

  1. Shop in season– Buying organic fruit and vegetables when it’s in season gives you the best value for money. Organic fruit and vegetables have less pesticides and chemicals. They also contain more key antioxidants.  Read more: What is in season in September
  2. Try the basics– If you’re new to organic, milk is a great place to start. Widely available and more value for money, organic milk has around 50% more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, and secures a good return for British farmers.  
  3. Stock up on organic essentials– Organic store cupboard essentials can be great value. Look for organic baked beans, pasta and canned tomatoes. These are often the same price as non-organic.
  4. Look for deals online– Bag a bargain on a variety of organic foods. There are lots of discounts from big household brands this September.
  5. Try a different cut of meat.  Eating less, but better meat is good for our health and the planet. Trying lower cost organic cuts like shoulder or belly can make a big difference to your wallet. They have more beneficial nutrients too. Pop into your local butcher for advice on cuts, or make a weekly roast which can provide a couple of meals.

Look out for these Organic September events across the UK

organic september events

16th September  

Organic September Saturday featuring events and tastings in Independents across the country. 

16th September 

WholeFoods Market Takeover  – Visit Wholefoods Kensington for a chance to meet over 15 BOOM award winning brands and food bloggers, for a day of sampling, and exciting cookery demos in the kitchen pop up  

23rd September 

Daylesford Harvest Festival  – Daylesford near Kingham, Gloucestershire, GL56 0YG Offering a whole host of educational, delicious and fun activities to celebrate what our gardens and pastures have produced during the summer.  

28th September 

Soil Association Talks Series – with Mind Body Bowl (Annie Clarke)  – Whole Foods Market, Kensington, London, W8 5SE 

The panel discussion will explore the longevity of clean living, why it is integral for our health, mind, body and beauty and why it shouldn’t be considered as a ‘fad’ movement. 

28th September 

Foraging & Wild Cookery Event  – Riverford Field Kitchen, Wash Farm Bungalow, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0JU 

Spend an evening with forager Stu Woodman, who will be foraging ingredients around the farm and working with local craft brewery, Barnaby’s Brewhouse, to produce two special foraged beers to serve for the evening along with a special foraged nine-dish menu. 

Throughout September 

River Cottage: Borough Market Takeover  – Borough Market, London, SE1 9AH 

Borough Market has invited River Cottage to head to the city to deliver a season of cookery courses, free talks and events at London’s world famous Borough Market.  

Do you buy organic? Let me know below

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  1. Galina V says:

    I buy organic and free range meat and eggs and dairy products. That foraging event sounds wonderful, I’d love to go on a foraging trip with someone who knows the woods and foods.

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