Nine Ways To Make Yourself Happy – Today

January 12, 2020

“Are you happy?”

It’s one of the most loaded questions that anyone is ever asked. Happiness is such a delicate emotion – it means different things for different people. This makes it hard to determine, to recognise. What makes joy manifest in one person isn’t going to make it manifest in another. When you’re a teenager and still in high school, you find happiness in things like excellent grades and your parents’ approval of your extracurriculars. As a college grad, you find happiness in a hot meal and a job that pays you enough money for your rent.

Happiness changes as we get older. One day you’re not planning for life to happen, and the next you’re making a plan to get out of bed and do something productive with your time. The next time someone asks you whether or not you are happy, you want to be able to answer a resounding yes, that you are satisfied. You can make this happen in your life, but you have to be productive about your happiness. With that in mind, we’ve got nine ways that you can make yourself happy today. Check them out!

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Switch Off Your Wi-Fi

Believe it or not, many people are unhappy when they’re online. Part of that comes from being on social media and seeing the lives of others that they want. Another part of it is going to be because the internet is nothing short of addictive. You know when you wander to the kitchen and look in the refrigerator, find nothing, and shut the door? That’s like the internet. There’s rarely anything interesting on there, and yet we keep looking. Moderation is vital for being online, and if you want to make yourself happy today, switch off the Wi-Fi and take yourself outside the confines of your home. Grab a travel cup of coffee and go for a walk. Head to the nearest park or nature trail and just go where it takes you. You can find a lot of happiness when you shut off the internet for a day!

Play Hooky From Work

We spent eight or more hours a day, five or more days a week sitting at a desk and working for someone else. Sure, we get a holiday schedule that we can stick to, but sometimes you just need to take a day. The rush you get from doing something against the rules can be enough to pump you full of endorphins and happy feelings. Honestly, it’s the fact you can snuggle down into the duvet and binge watch Netflix all day instead of spending time in the office. This is a day that you can use to unplug, unwind and recharge. Try and do it on a Monday morning or a Friday to extend your weekend. If you want it to look authentic, bail out on a Wednesday and take a midweek break. You will feel amazing for it afterwards.

Sort The Bills

Okay, so this may not be fun on the surface, but getting the bills paid and making sure that you have enough money put by for the month? It’s a good feeling. It will make you feel in control, and it allows you to get those little things off your shoulders.

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In the best possible way, you need to smile more. Sometimes, the act of smiling can invoke feelings of happiness in you. It does wonders for our self-esteem when we are smiling instead of frowning. 

Get Dolled Up

I don’t care if you’re a woman or a man reading this: doll yourself up. Yes, you men need to suit up and boot up and feel excellent for it! Whatever outfit in your closet makes you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside, put it on. Choose to style your hair or do your makeup (ladies) in a different way and spritz on your favourite scent. Your mental health will immediately improve because you are going to feel comfortable, beautiful and feel confident. It takes a lot to have the motivation to dress the way you feel, and if you want to feel happy, choose the clothes that really make you feel great.

30-Second Dance Party, Anyone?

We all know that dancing makes us feel good. It boosts your mood, improves your mental health and gives you the confidence to move your body in a way you may not otherwise. Pretend you’re at the club and just go for it. No one out there needs to be judging you; dance it out alone and feel those happy hormones flood your body. You don’t need to wait for music; it’s in you.

Spend Time On Your Health

Happiness comes from feeling good on the inside. So, whether you want to go to the doctor for an annual check-up and figure out what you could be doing better, or you get that nail fungus removal treatment you’ve been putting off, you need to put your health first. You don’t have to be physically in pain or bleeding to ask your doctor to give you a blood pressure check or to make sure that you are in the best shape you could be. You could join a gym today and start a program of weights to help you to be your healthiest self. Whatever you choose, working on your health is going to make you feel good. Plus, that nail treatment? It’s certainly going to give you a chance to have a great pedicure once more!

Call Your People

Whether it’s your mother, your father, your best friend or your brother, give someone a call. Curl up on the couch and just talk it out. Ask how they are, tell them about your life today. Conversation and laughter is always a great way to feel happiness flood through you, and it’s going to be wonderful for your health to get any worries and rants off your chest. Communication is something we humans crave, so pick up the phone right now.

Spring Clean Your Phone

A cluttered phone full of apps is not a phone that you should be using. Get it organised today. Put the apps that you don’t use into the app bin and the rest? Sort them out by type and create folders for them on your phone. Being organised will make you feel good!

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