National Stationery Week 2018 – Writing Matters

April 24, 2018
National Stationery week

National Stationery Week 2018 is a celebration of all things stationery. Notebooks, pens, pencils – anything that we can use to get writing.

Writing matters – in this busy life perhaps more than ever. How are you celebrating National Stationery Week?

Are you a stationery addict? I know I am. I have a cupboard full of notebooks, pens and colouring pencils all ready for use when I need them. There is nothing nicer than a blank page in a notebook to fill with your thoughts.

This year National Stationery Week runs from the 23rd – 29th April. It is a celebration of writing and aims to raise awareness of how important writing still is.

Why Writing Matters

Does handwriting still matter in this digital age? Yes it does. Handwriting is a valuable tool in literacy. Writing on paper means you need to think about what you are writing. You do not have spell check to rely on. You need to know the spelling of words yourself. Handwriting is also a way to express yourself and makes a note more personal. What is nicer than receiving a hand written letter or card to say thank you?

When I was little writing was a big part of life. Most teenage girls kept a diary to record their thoughts. To do lists and homework had to be written and clear handwriting was important. If your handwriting was bad people would not understand what you were trying to say. Sadly writing seems to be a dying art. People are more likely to send a text or an email than sit down and write on a piece of paper. The art of expression though writing is being lost due to technology. Handwriting encourages the correct use of language.

Handwriting is also a great way to capture history. I love looking back at the holiday diaries I wrote as a child. There are many examples of wonderful hand written documents throughout history. Think about the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Magna Carta and the Doomsday Book. Without writing these historic documents would not exist.

National Stationery Week 2018- #natstatweek #writingmatters

Why not get involved in National Stationery Week this year? It is a good excuse to treat yourself to some new stationery. It is also a chance to get your children writing and encourage them to learn new skills. The National Stationery Week website has a list of ways to you can get involved.

Why not go on a stationery crawl and pick up some new stationery from the local stationery shops? Give your children a notebook and encourage them to start a diary? Pick up a pen and write a letter to someone you haven’t seen for while? Get organised and start a bullet journal? Writing matters!

Every day of National Stationery Week has a special theme to inspire you to find some stationery and get writing. Why not follow along with the seven days of stationery and create something inspirational.

Seven Days of Stationery

Monday – Make a note #Makeanote

Nuco, who make Nu Notebooks, among other things are encouraging us to make a note today. Grab a new notebook and decide what to do with it. Why not start a recipe notebook to keep track of all those recipes scribbled on bits of paper. You could start a bullet journal and organise your life. Why not give a notebook to your child and encourage them to start a diary.

With a blank sheet of paper the possibilities are endless. Half the fun is in imagining what you will add to those blank pages.

national stationery week Shaeffer pen

I am using one of my notebooks to keep all my recipes safe (cheese savoury sandwich filling recipe). I have too many recipes on little bits of paper which are inside recipe books.

This is a much better way of organising them. I have been writing in the book with a Sheaffer Sagaris Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen.This is a lovely pen, light weight and easy to hold. It writes like a dream and I am sure it makes my handwriting look better.

Tuesday – Pen and pencil day #penandpencil

For pen and pencil day it is time to sort out your pencil case. Get rid of any leaky or broken pens and get a new one. Check what else you are missing that would be useful. Why not treat yourself to a new pencil case and a set of colouring pencils? These days there are lots of colouring books for grown ups that are so relaxing to do.

Get your children to sort out their pencil cases as well and write a list of what new items they need. This is a sneaky way of getting them to practice their handwriting. I love these Derwent 2302206 Graphik Line Maker Drawing Pens They come with different sized nibs which are great for doing lines of different sizes. If you have any stencilling or shading to do these are perfect.

Derwent graphic markers

Wednesday – World Stationery Day – #stationerytheworldover

Why not treat yourself to some stationery that has a theme from different countries? It is a great way to brighten up your desk and add some cheer to your day. Look for novelty erasers with a holiday theme or notebooks with pictures from around the world. Do you have any friends who live abroad? Why not ask them to send you some stationery unique to their country.

Thursday –  Work Happy – #workhappy

There are plenty of great ways you can brighten up your desk area and work happy. Mustard, who make quirky and unusual stationery, are on a mission to brighten up the workplace. They have funky planners, paperclips, pen holders and much more to make your desk a home away from home.

They have made my work happy with their Lucky Cat mini pencil case. It is seriously genius! I am forever losing my pens at the bottom of my handbag. Now I can attach the mini pencil case to my bullet journal, shove it in my bag and I always know where my pens are. I don’t know how I managed without it.

Mustard pencil case

Friday – A place for everything – #aplaceforeverything

There is nothing nicer than having lots of stationery but it can be a problem knowing where to put it all. Do you have a stationery cupboard or drawer or some other means of keeping your stationery stash safe? I have a big plastic box full of pens and a shelf full of notebooks. I am always looking for more organisation ideas.

Saturday – Get Crafty – #getcrafty

This is a great chance to make posters, design invitations, personalise a calender or diary. Get your children to think things to make.  I am not a very crafty person but this year I made a bullet journal. I couldn’t find a diary to suit me and I was able to customise the journal to perfectly suit my needs. It takes a while to set up but the effort is worth it. I now know what my plans are ahead of time. There are many articles that describe how to create a bullet journal so I won’t go into detail here.

All that you need is a notebook, a pen and a ruler. Decide what layouts you want and then spend a busy few hours setting up the pages. My bullet journal is very plain and functional. If you want you can get artistic and add colour and pictures. It is a great organisational aid.

Stationery from AT Cross

I love this mini A.T Cross pencil case and AT Cross Century II pen. The pencil case can be kept inside my journal and the pen is really easy to write with and looks stylish as well. It feels great in the hand as it is well balanced.

Another great way to get crafty is to practice calligraphy and these Manuscript Callicreative Flexi Markers are great fun to use. They come in different colours and have a flexible tip which makes styling letters fun. I need a little more practice to make my lettering look stylish. Kids could have great fun with these.

National Stationery week

Sunday – Signiture Sunday #signituresunday

Get the kids to practice their signature by getting them to sign for things. Make a fun game of it. If they want their dinner get them to sign to say they are at the dinner table. If it is the day they get their pocket money get them to sign to say they have got it. They can have fun thinking of things you can sign as well.

Will you be taking part in National Stationery Week this year? Let me know below.

I was sent some stationery but my opinions and thoughts are my own. Contains affiliate links – if you click on them I may get a few pennies if you buy something.

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