Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

March 3, 2016

These Mother’s day gift ideas will give you some inspiration for what to get your mum this Mothering Sunday.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Whilst the idea of Mother’s Day actually goes back to ancient times the more recent history dates back to the 1600’s. Mothering Sunday was celebrated in the fourth Sunday of Lent and children bought gifts and flowers to honour their mothers.

At that time it was common for children to live away from home, working as servants and apprentices. They were allowed the day off and often brought a fruit cake for their mother, called a Simnel Cake.  It was only when I became a mum that I started to appreciate Mother’s Day. My son would come home from primary school with cards and gifts that he had made himself in class. I have to admit I have kept most of these and treasure them to this day.

It is always nice to give your mum a gift on Mother’s Day to let her know you are thinking of her. I have put together a list of Mother’s Day Presents to help give you some ideas.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  1. Beautiful Mum Bouquet from Blossoming Gifts £24.99
  2. Thorntons tea time collection £30
  3.  Large swirly cake stand from Lakeland £10.47
  4. Yankee Spring 6 Votive set from Tesco £8.00
  5. Luxury Bath Melts from Prezzybox £13.95
  6. Breakfast in bed hamper from Carluccios £30

What mum doesn’t like flowers? If your mum is not near enough to visit then why not make her smile with a big bouquet delivered to her door? I love the Beautiful Mum Bouquet from Blossoming Gifts and the jug it comes in can be used afterwards as well.

For something a bit more special than a box of chocolates why not try the Thorntons tea time collection? As well as a box of Thorntons continental chocolates it also has Cartwright & Butler biscuits,  strawberry preserve and English breakfast tea bags so you could serve your mum a delightful afternoon tea. Make a batch of homemade scones and some sandwiches and surprise her with a beautifully laid table.

I love making cupcakes and I know my mum would love a gift of homemade cupcakes served in this large swirly cake stand from Lakeland. It is unusual and eye catching. Why not make a batch of strawberry daiquiri cupcakes for an indulgent treat.

Strawberry Daiquiri cupcakes

Every mum likes Yankee candles and the Yankee Spring 6 Votive set from Tesco is ideal for bringing the smell of Spring to the house.  I love nothing more than different scents wafting round the house. Many smells bring back lovely memories and it is nice to have the house smelling fresh.

Why not treat your mum to some pamper time with a set of luxury bath melts from Prezzybox? This set looks good enough to eat with their cupcake style design. There are three bath souffles and three bath sundaes, enriched with cocoa butter for soft skin and each with a different smell. These would really turn bath time into spa time.

Finally why not treat mum to breakfast in bed with a breakfast in bed hamper from Carluccios. Most mums never get a lie in, they have to be up to get everyone else organised. Breakfast in bed really is a treat.

Whatever you do don’t forget a card and if you have kids get them to make one for mum, she will appreciate it and treasure it. What are you buying your mum this year?

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6 responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. I can definitely never go wrong with chocolates and flowers for my mum, especially if the flowers have lots of yellow in them.

  2. I had no idea that Mothering Sunday went back so far, I assumed it was a far more recent thing. In addition I had no idea that it was traditional to make a Simnel Cake either as a gift for their mother. So interesting,
    Angela x

  3. tanya says:

    All super cute ideas! I wish i could spend it it my mom but she lives too far away. I could always send her something though 🙂

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