Monsters by Ilsa J Bick

January 9, 2014

Monsters by Ilsa J Bick is the third book in the Ashes Trilogy. It is set in a post apocalyptic world, an electromagnetic pulse has been set off which destroyed all the electronic devices and killed the vast majority of adults. The people left alive have changed, some for the better gaining extra senses and some for the worst becoming flesh eating and vicious.
Monsters by Ilsa J Bick
I hadn’t read the first two books previously and although Monsters does work as a standalone novel I felt I was missing some of the background. The book does include a summary of the previous books and a synopsis of the characters which helps. Having said that it was still a thrilling read with plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat.
The book follows a number of different characters who are all interrelated.. The town of Rule has been a sanctuary for many, it is now under threat. The changed have become more powerful and are gathering together to over thrown the town.
Alex has left the town, fighting her own battle with the monster in her head. She finds herself in the company of the changed, but they seem to have a respect for her. She fights for her own survival whilst trying to work out what the leader of the changed, Wolf, wants from her. She is self sufficient and not reliant on anyone to survive. Although the people of Rule tried to kill her she has many friends there and does not want to see them die. She believes her friend Tom is dead but he is looking for her. He is brave and strong, a great soldier. Ellie is a child from Rule, she misses Alex but is brave and strong in her own way. She has a wonderful dog, Mina, who is the perfect loyal companion.
We follow each of their stories, moving from one to the other as they fight to survive. They are all converging for the final battle and we watch the action hoping the characters will survive. The writing is vivid and you can visualise yourself being there, almost watching from overhead.
I enjoyed the book, there is plenty of action and the changed are brought vividly to life, you feel chills at the description of their behaviour. It is a long book and occasionally I lost track of what was going on, I think reading the other books would have helped. If you enjoy zombie or horror novels you will enjoy this.

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the book in order to do an honest review.

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