Kong Dog Toys Review

May 24, 2012

When Monster Pet Supplies asked if knew someone who could review Kong Dog Toys I knew that my dog Eddie would be thrilled to take on the challenge. He is a King Charles Spaniel and, at just over a year old, he still loves his toys. I will let him tell you  how he got on.King Charles SpanielWhen my mum gave me a big green box which she said had come from Monster Pet Supplies just for me I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to open it. Apparently they were looking for a gentle dog to try out some Kong Dog toys and they thought I would be perfect for the role.

Kong Dog ToysWhen I opened the box I found two toys inside, one was a Kong Cosie Plush and the other was a Kong Squeezz. I was really excited to try them out and see how good they were to chew play with. Mum told me I was not allowed to chew them as they were not chew toys so I was only allowed to use them if I was supervised.

 Kong Cosie Plush

Kong Cosie PlushThe Kong Cosie Plush was the first to attact my eye, I think it was the bright colour. It has a cute little face as well, it looks almost like a little version of me.

Kong Cosie PlushI found it easy to pick the toy up in my mouth and had great fun shaking it about for a while. I was excited to learn than it even squeaked when I played with it.  I found that it was comforting to have near me and put it into my basket. Mum said that the toy had minimal filling and an extra tough coating so that it should last longer than my last friend. I found he had loads of white stuff inside and he did not last long at all. I really loved my new friend and when mum puts it up a height will whine until I get him back.

Kong Cosie Plush

RRP £20.16  for three toys but they are currently available from Monster Pet Supplies for £17.66

Kong Squeezz

Kong ballI was really happy to be sent a new ball as my younger owner had managed to lose my last one while we were playing in some long grass. I was not as interested in this at first but when my mam started bouncing it about I just had to chase it in order to catch it. I found that I could actually pick this ball up in my teeth due to the clever hole in the middle of the ball. This meant I could learn a new game which was called fetch.

Kong SqueezzMy new ball also squeaks which makes the game much more fun. I really enjoyed playing with my new toys and my mum took a video so you could see me enjoying myself.

For more information visit the Monster Pet Supplies Home Page: http://www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk


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6 responses to “Kong Dog Toys Review”

  1. Great review and great video!

    Love how happy Eddie (and his tail!) look when he is playing 🙂

    Really glad that he loved his new Kong products!

  2. cheryl says:

    Awww he’s such a cutie !

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