Meerkat Mayhem from Paul Lamond Games

September 28, 2011

I was recently sent a copy of Meerkat Mayhem from Paul Lamond Games to try out and see what I thought of it. The game is based on the well know animal, the meerkat. They are tiny, tenacious and sociable animals who rarely face danger alone. Now they are facing the dreaded cobra and have to escape!

This game is aimed at children aged six and above and can be played by two to four players. The game will increase co-ordination and dexterity whilst being fun to play.

When you open the box you find the game board, the cobra and a selection of meerkats.

Setting up the board is simple, you just push the cobra into the two  holes in the green socket. This causes the  little trapdoors on the board close and the holes are then covered. Each player chooses a colour and is given five meerkats. Each player places a meerkat on the trapdoor in the colour they have chosen.

The players then take it in turn to spin the spinner on the board. If the spinner lands on a colour the person who chose that colour  gets to pull out the cobra. This causes the trapdoors to open and the meerkats to fall. The object is to catch the meerkats before they fall though the trapdoor and become the property of the person who pulled out the cobra.  If the spinner lands on a meerkat the person spinning can take one meerkat from any other player. The winner is the person who gains ten meerkats first.
The game is really easy to understand and you can get it set up and begin playing really quickly. Although the game is simple it requires a lot of co-ordination to catch the meerkats before you lose them.  All the family had great fun with this game, my son soon started pretending he was going to pull out the cobra when he wasn’t and having a good laugh when he fooled me. The game also came out when his friends came round and they played happily with it for quite a long time.  Overall it is better with four players but less can play successfully as well. We found this to be a really enjoyable and fun game.

RRP £10.95
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