Five ways to make your home cosy this winter

November 22, 2017
cushions and throws
These five ways to make your home cosy this winter will make you feel warm and snug whilst the weather rages outside.
Winter is here. The nights are dark and mornings are cold and frosty. When you go outside the wind is bitingly cold and all you want to do is go indoors. In the winter you spend more time inside. You want your home to feel cosy and warm.
If we are to believe the weather forecasts this winter is going to be particularly cold. Air from the arctic is heading this way which will make it one of the coldest winters on record. I think we get these warnings of impending doom every year so am just going to wait and see. It doesn’t hurt to plan in advance to make your home feel cosy in case you get snowed in.  These ideas will help you make your home feel warm and cosy this winter.

Five ways to make your home cosy this winter

Get your boiler winter ready

Before the winter make sure your boiler has a service. This will ensure that your heating is running efficiently and you are not wasting energy. Check your radiators to make sure they are hot all over. If you have cold spots at the top of the radiator they may need bleeding. This gets rid of any air in the system and allows the hot water to flow freely. Start with the downstairs radiators and bleed the ones furthest from the boiler first.  Keeping the system clear of air prevents damage to the boiler and lowers energy bills. Make sure the thermostat is not set too high and turn off any radiators  in rooms you are not using.

Keep the heat in

Heating the house is expensive. Fuel prices keep rising so you want to trap the heat inside your house. There are plenty of ways you can do this. Check windows for draughts. If you find any you can use draught excluding tape to help prevent them. Add draught brushes to the inside of your letter box to help keep the cold air out. Draught excluder’s put at the bottom of the doors can also be very effective at keeping a room warm. These are cheap to buy or make.  A simple reflector of silver foil behind a radiator will send heat back into the room instead of through the wall.
Draught excluders for door - this is a snake
Curtains are also very effective. Add one over the outside door and close it at night time. Close any window curtains once it gets dark. For an effective way of adding privacy and cosiness to your home why not try some wooden window shutters like these from Direct Blinds?  They come in a range of different colours and will also add a focal point to your room.  I think they add character to the windows and make the room feel more rustic and homely.
Wooden window shutters from direct blinds
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Add cosy touches

 Winter is a time when you need to wrap up warmly. Make your house feel cosy by adding bright coloured throws to your seating and scattering cushions around. Keep extra blankets in your living room. Fill a basket with a supply of throws so your family can just grab one when they feel cold. A rug will make the house look cosy as well as keeping feet warm if you haven’t got a carpet.
cushions and throws
Make a comfortable corner with a chair and table. This can be a reading corner or games corner so you have things to do over the dark nights. Make sure you have some good books and magazines in reach and a pile of games. Finish with a reading light and you are all set.

Consider the lighting

The nights are dark so make your home feel cosy by adding extra lighting. If you have a fireplace a roaring fire is the ultimate warming touch. There is something magical about flickering firelight on a winter night.  If you don’t have a fire add fairy lights to a corner for a festive touch or light a few candles. Candle light adds a soothing glow to the home making it feel safe and warm.


Candle in a lantern on fireplace



Add some warming aromas

There is nothing nicer than walking into a room and experiencing a lovely smell. Aromas have the ability to take you back in time and release memories. Why not add some warming scents to your home with scented candles, diffuser reeds or a simple room spray. Perfect winter scents are those of pine trees or spruce trees which will remind you of real Christmas trees. Other great scents are those of orange, cinnamon and clove or winter berries. These will all make a room feel much more welcoming.


These are my five ways to make your home feel more cosy this winter. Do you have any tips to add? Let me know below.

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6 responses to “Five ways to make your home cosy this winter”

  1. Galina V says:

    It is getting dark so early. We were walking from school today around 3.30pm, and the sky was already getting dark grey. Love your cute cushion and dragon too.

  2. Oh I just love a cosy house in winter – blankets, darkness, warmth and candle light. Perfect x

  3. Goriami says:

    Ohh I love the idea of a basket of blankets!

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