Make Winter Dog Walking More Fun

December 22, 2016

Winter brings dark mornings and dark nights which can make it difficult to enjoy walks with your pet. Here are some ways to make winter dog walking more fun.

Walking your dog during the winter months can be a challenge. The days are short so often you find yourself going out when it is dark. It is hard to see where you are going and also where your dog is when he is off the lead. Normally when walking a dog can chase balls and other toys to make his time outside more fun. The darkness makes this difficult as neither of you can see where the toy has gone. Winter weather also brings it’s own unique challenges. Constant rain makes it muddy meaning when you get home you have to deal with a dirty dog. Snow and ice make it difficult to walk safely and your dog may get too cold while he is out.

Making winter dog walking more fun

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Eddie and have been finding the shorter days really challenging. When ChuckIt! dog  toys got in touch to ask if I wanted to trial a pack to make winter dog walking more fun I was happy to try it. The pack includes products to make walks in the dark safer as well as toys that were perfect for darker days.

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Making Winter Dog Walking More Fun

When I take Eddie for his walks part of the way is lit by street lights but the rest has no lighting at all. I can just about see the path but Eddie tends to disappear into the gloom when he is off the lead. I can occasionally see his tail waving but often he can’t be seen. He could easily disappear or be knocked over by an oncoming bicycle.

Walking the dog in the dark

Keeping your dog safe

Orbiloc Dog Safety Light RRP £21.00

To make winter dog walking more fun it is essential that your dog can be seen in the gloom. The Orbiloc Dog Safety Light helps with this.  The light comes with a number of attachments to fit it safely to the collar, the easiest is just to slot it on to the collar and fasten the collar up.

Orbiloc Dog Safety Light

The light remains off until you turn it. If you turn it one way you get a flashing red light and if you turn it the other the light is steady. Having a light on Eddie makes it much easier to see him in the gloom. Even if he runs a little way along the path in the dark I can still easily spot where he is.

Orbicloc dog safetly light

Now I can walk Eddie safe in the knowledge he can be seen in the dark.

Playing with your dog

Toys are great to have on a walk. There is nothing Eddie likes more than chasing and fetching things while he is on a walk. He will also chase the occasional rabbit when he spots them but has never managed to catch one yet. It is difficult to find toys that Eddie can play with in the dark but ChuckIt! Dog toys came to the rescue with a selection of great toys that glow in the dark.

Max Glow Ball and Max Glow Erratic Ball Medium, RRP £7.49

Max Glow Ball and Max Glow Erratic Ball dog toys from ChuckIt

Eddie loves chasing balls and these are perfect for him. They are the ideal size for him to carry in his mouth and he will happily chase them for ages. I love the fact that they glow in the dark. They just need exposing to a light source for a little while and then when it is dark they have an eerie green glow. This means when I take Eddie out in the dark he can see where the balls are and chase them. He loves the balls so much he will play with them in the house as well.

Eddie with max glow ball

Whilst the balls look similar one bounces erratically which means Eddie is never sure which way it will bounce when I throw it. This can make for some comic moments as he runs the wrong way.

Max Glow Launcher Pro 18 medium with Tennis Ball. RRP £18.99

Max Glow Launcher Pro 18 medium with Tennis Ball, RRP £18.99.

Anyone who has a dog knows that when you are out for a long walk and they keep dropping the ball at your feet it gets tiring bending down to pick it up. The Max Glow Launcher is perfect for scooping up the ball and throwing it a long way ahead. This allows Eddie to have lots of fun chasing the ball without me having to do lots of bending. Even better it glows in the dark as well so I can see what I am doing. It would be good if the tennis ball supplied was glow in the dark as well but I can easily use the Max Glow balls instead

Max Glow Zipflight, RRP £13.99

Max Glow Zipflight,

I wasn’t sure how Eddie would take to the Max Glow Zipflight as I have never used a frisbee with him. He absolutely loved it. When I threw it he pounced on it immediately and started running around the garden with it in his mouth. Chasing the Max Glow Zipflight is now is favourite activity of all time. It is easy for him to pick up and carry and as it glows in the dark we can take it out and have some fun on a night time walk. This means Eddie gets more exercise and comes home happy.

Dog playing with max glow zipflight

Keeping your dog clean

Winter weather can be a nightmare. The rain leaves paths muddy and Eddie goes out with white legs and comes home black. The smell of a wet muddy dog is not a pleasant one and we often need to bath him when he comes home.

Fluff & Spruce Smellin’ Good Frequent Use Deodorising Shampoo, RRP £6.00

Fluff & Spruce Smellin' Good Frequent Use Deodorising Shampoo

Fortunately Fluff & Spruce shampoo is perfect for tackling wet muddy dogs and getting them smelling nice again. It also turns Eddie into a fluff ball which makes him look really cute. It is good to know I can quickly get Eddie clean after a long muddy walk. I wouldn’t like any of the mud to get caught in his paws and irritate his pads.

What do you do in the winter to make dog walks more fun? Let me know below.

You may also be interested in how to choose the correct dog toy for your dog. Eddie also recently tried Pedigree Light dog food which is perfect for him now he is on a low fat diet.

I was sent some products for Eddie to try to see if it made winter walks more fun for him. I was not obliged to say anything nice and my opinions are my own (and Eddie’s).

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  1. Michelle says:

    Good tips! My Yellow Labrador Marley loves the winter weather, and she’s been going outside and I’ve been walking her like crazy.<3 Your doggo is so cute!

  2. Some great toys here! we have a light and it’s so useful indeed…

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