Lunchbox Chicken and Bacon Wraps

May 30, 2013

When you create a packed lunch you want it to be tasty and appealing. There is nothing worse than having to clean a lunchbox which is full of half eaten food. It is sometimes hard to think of something other than cheese or ham sandwiches when you are in a rush in the morning. I wanted to create something that would be full of flavours that all the family would enjoy. It needed to appeal to my twelve year old son, but also to my husband. I came up with the idea of chicken and bacon wraps. The chicken and bacon mix can be prepared ahead of time, ready to put in the sandwich when needed.
lunchbox chicken and bacon wraps

Served with a small pot of cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks and a bag of Walkers Hoops and Crosses they easily fit into a lunchbox and are very tasty.

Lunchbox Chicken and Bacon Wraps



  1. Cook the bacon until it is crispy. Leave to cool.
  2. Cut the bacon and chicken into small pieces and place in a bowl. Mix with mayonnaise and black pepper until covered.
  3. Get a tortilla wrap and put some lettuce on it. Add the chicken and bacon mix and the chopped red pepper.
  4. Fold the ends of the wrap over and wrap up. Chop into two pieces.

lunchbox wraps
The wraps went down very well with both my husband and son, my husband said it was the most delicious sandwich ever which was a rare compliment. It definitely makes a nice  change and I will be making these more often.

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Disclosure: This is an entry into the Tots100 #HoopsandCrosses competition

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