Long summer walks with my dog

June 22, 2016

On a warm day there is nothing I like more than taking long summer walks with my dog.

My dog, Eddie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets really excited about his walks. He will sit by the door and bark excitedly. Once his lead is on he will rush out the door as fast as he can. Outdoors is exciting, there are all sorts of smells to explore. Birds and bees fly into sight asking to be chased.

Long summer walks with my dog

Luckily we live near a country park where I can Eddie off his lead to run about. Eddie has little road sense. If he sees something that interests him he will be off.  A car is not a danger in his mind.  I keep him firmly on the lead when we are near roads. Once we are in the park he is free to roam. He doesn’t go far but will take the opportunity to explore the undergrowth. If he spots a bird or a rabbit on the path he will take off after it. When they disappear he is left wondering where they have gone.

King charles spaniel exploring

There is plenty to discover in the country park and always a new surprise. Walking past the fields the other day I heard a strange bird cry. It was a cry I had never heard before, lilting and haunting. Looking closely I managed to see the bird had a crest on it’s head. From research when I got home I found it was a lapwing. On walks since then I have been trying to photograph it, but it is always too far away. Walking past the same field on a different day a heron swooped down and stood there majestically, only to fly off as I pulled out my camera.  The stream at the end of the field sometimes has ducks swimming happily in it.

Adventures in the park

Crossing the bridge leads to more options for adventure. You can go up the hill though the trees or follow the path to the left.  Going up the hill leads to paths though flowering hawthorn, cow parsley and gorse. It is like following a path though a maze of flowers. At the top of the hill are wide grassy tracks perfect for Eddie to run on. There are also spectacular views across the city.

King Charles exploring

Taking the path to the left you follow the stream on one side and the woods on the other. Rabbits can run out in front of you and disappear into the undergrowth as quickly as they appeared. Eddie loves running into the trees exploring. Eventually you come to a dipping pond which is full of pond skaters and dragonflies. It is easy to get lost and spend a while exploring. Eventually it is time to come home and have a rest.

King Charles Spaniel sleeping

Feeding a hungry dog

All this rambling outside means Eddie gets hungry. I  am always on the lookout for treats and food for him to try. Eddie is a fussy eater. Sometimes he refuses to eat unless I hand feed him. Recently Tails.com got in touch and told me about their dog food. Tails create tailor made dog food for your dog based on it’s breed, weight and health. The dog food is super easy to order. You just log onto the website and answer a few questions about your dog. Tails then create a blend of dried food to suit your dog and dispatch it to you via courier. The food arrives in a personalised bag with your dog’s name on it. It also comes with a scoop so you know exactly how much food your dog should be eating.

Tails dog food

Tails keep track of when you need a new order and let you know, but you are free to stop deliveries at any time or cancel the order. This is useful when you have a fussy dog who might not eat as much as he should.  Tails have great service and so far Eddie seems to be enjoying the food. There have been empty bowls for the last couple of days which is almost unheard of.

Tails Dog Food Voucher Code

If you would like to try Tails dog food for your dog you can order it from their website. I have a code that will give you two weeks free food with £1 delivery. Just use the code  FAIRYDUST at the check out.

Has your dog ever tried a service like this? What did you think?

Barkbeats – a subscription box for dogs is worth a look if your dog likes treats. If you are planning on travelling with your dog I have some tips on essentials for travelling with dogs you may want to read.

Tails.com sent me some dog food for Eddie to try out so I could see what I thought of the service and what he thought of the food. My opinions are honest. I couldn’t ask Eddie for his opinion but he did like the food.

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  1. I love the sound of the country park – I love wandering around in the countryside too but in the summer months, it doesn’t do my hayfever any good !

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