Lilly’s Eco Clean Products

October 20, 2011

I was recently sent some samples of Lilly’s Eco Clean products to review. This is a range of cleaning products that use 100% natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Lilly, the lady who came up with the products, is passionate about cleaning and even set up her own cleaning business. Unfortunately she became ill and found it was down to the chemicals in the products she was using.  As a result she designed a number of products that are good at cleaning but kind to the environment and are kind to you. Coming from a family that is prone to allergies and who have sensitive skin I think this is a great idea.

All the products in the range use natural ingredients like vinegar, sugar and natural oils. There are a number of different products, Washing up liquid, Spray Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Degreaser and Toilet Cleaner.

Washing up liquid

The washing up liquid is concentrated and is made with lemon oil. As it is concentrated you do not need to use a lot to wash a lot of dishes. When using it I found that I did not get as many bubbles produced as with my normal product but it cut through the grease on the dishes very well and did not leave a nasty residue. It coped well with my normal washing up and had a nice lemon scent, which was not overpowering. As well as cleaning lemon oil is a natural antibacterial agent.

RRP £2.49 for 500 ml

Spray Cleaner

This is an all purpose spray cleaner and it really is all purpose. I found it worked really well on all surfaces and as an added bonus did not leave nasty streaks on glass. The only surface you should not use it on is waxed surfaces. It is also safe to use in your fridge or mircowave as it is safe to use near food. A good general cleaner.

The spray cleaner is available in Eucalyptus or Citrus. RRP £2.49 for 500 ml.

Floor Cleaner

The floor cleaner is made with orange oil and you can certainly smell it, it adds a nice fresh smell to a room. All you need to do is to add a capful  to a bucket of water and mop the floor. It can be used on laminate floors as well as lino. I tried it on my kitchen floor which suffers from muddy dog paws and it came up a treat and looked sparkling.

£3.29 for 500 ml

For more information see: You can order the products by contacting Vitalife on 0207 7720 1441 and speaking to Steve or Lisa.

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