Lego Darth Vader Key Light

March 14, 2012

If you are looking for interesting Easter gift ideas you might want to consider the range of Lego lifestyle products from Re:creation. All kids love lego and my son is no exception to that rule. He was delighted to receive a Lego Darth Vader Key Light to review. He is also a big fan of Star Wars so this was ideal for him.

The Lego Darth Vader Key Light is a lego figure of Darth Vader that has been attached to a key ring. It is a lot bigger than a normal lego figure. The legs and arms move about allowing you to place Darth Vader into all sorts of varied poses.

A nice touch is his cloak which is material and looks realistic. When you look closer however you realise that Darth Vader’s chest moves and in fact conceals a button. When this is pressed then Darth Vader’s feet light up with two bright white LED lights allowing him to be used as a torch.

The picture does not show it that well but the light from the LED’s is very bright and you could definitely use this to read by at night.

My son loved this key light. He made use of the key ring to attach Darth Vader to his coat zip so he could carry it around with him. He then made use of the torch when we were walking the dog later that night to see where he was going. I went into his bedroom later that same night to find he was using the torch to read a book when he should have been asleep!  The next day I found him playing with Darth Vader with some of his other Lego. He was quite taken with the torch on the feet which became another of Darth’s evil weapons in the game destroying the lego city with their evil beam. The fact that Darth Vader was a lot bigger than the other characters only added to his evil appeal.

These are great fun and at  RRP £6.99 are not that expensive. For a little toy that lasts they are a great idea.  They are available in Tesco.

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