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Le Gros Book Photo Book from Printic

Le Gros Book photo book from Printic is a fun and unique way to display your photos. Every page of the book can be personalised to suit your style.

I love taking photographs. The consequence of this is that I have memory cards and hard drives that are full of photographs. When I want to find a specific photo it is not easy. I have great plans to organise the files into a system that makes sense but the reality is that I never find the time. Digital photographs are fine on memory cards for storage but nothing beats having them displayed in a photo book. It is a great way to look back at memories and share them with others. Recently Printic got in touch to tell me about Le Gros Book. This is a new type of photo book which allows you to add a personal touch to each page with stickers, colourful paperclips, felt tip pens and tape.

Le Gros Book Photo Book from Printic

If you want a fun and unique way to display your photos Le Gros Book could be what you are looking for. This DIY photo book is really easy to create. Go to  Printic and choose the Gros Book option. You then get the option to upload the photographs you want to include. The minimum number of pictures is forty and the maximum is fifty. Once the photos are added you can crop and customise them the way you want. Choose from a range of emojs, text or filters to add different effects to each photo.   Finally you can add a frame.  There are three different frames to choose from, vintage, funky and fancy which add different coloured borders.  Once you are happy with your book just order it and wait for it to arrive.

Printic Le Gros Book

A little while later a colourful box arrives with the contents of Le Gros Book. Inside the photos are printed on glossy sheets with colourful borders. The border has holes so you can assemble the book as you wish. There are two thick covers made with thick card which have metal borders and eyelets as well as a selection of cards that you can use to separate your book into sections. The fun part is the selection of pens, stickers, paper clips, tape and other things to allow you to customise the book.

Le Gros Book from Printic

Customising Le Gros Book

Customising my photo book was a lot of fun. First I put all the photos into sections and used the card dividers to separate the sections. I then put the covers on and joined the book together with the rings provided. This made a sturdy book which will fit nicely on the shelf. I then set about adding some customisation. First I added some tape and stickers to the front cover to show exactly what was in the book. I am not the most artistic person in the world but I was happy with the bold statement the cover made.

Le Gros Book from Printic

Inside the photographs are nice quality and really glossy. I could have added stickers to the borders but I thought they looked lovely on their own. The brightly coloured border really sets the photos off.

Let Gros Book from Printic

Where I had the most fun was customising the pages that separate the sections. Using the photo corners, cards, stickers and different styles of paper clip I could make different unique pages for each section. It adds a unique quirky style to the book.

Le Gros book from printic

I am really happy with my Le Gros Book from Printic and at £34 it is a good price as well. If you know someone who loves crafting they would love this as a gift. It is fun creating the book and it is a lovely way to show off your photos.

If you are looking for ways to improve your photography why not check out my photography hints. How do you display your photographs? Do you use photo books or something else? Let me know below.

Discount Code

For a discount of 20% off Le Gros Book use the code: DRAGONSANDFAIRY20 at the checkout. The code is only valid two weeks until the 12th Dec but will give you time to order a photo book for Christmas.

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Le Gros Book from Printic is a photo book which you can customise yourself. Add stickers, tape, paper clips and other things to make it your own

I was sent Le Gros Book in return for an honest review. My opinions are my own.




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