The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn

September 3, 2013

The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn is a cookbook aimed at kids aged seven and above and aims to get children into the kitchen, cooking and having fun. The book contains 128 pages and is filled with 50 recipes which children can cook themselves.I gave the book to my son and told him to pick a recipe to try, just to see if he could follow the instructions himself.
Kids Only Cookbook He sat down with the book and I could hear him muttering away to himself. Various words like mmm puddings, cakes etc were being said and he was obviously enjoying reading the book.

The book is divided into nine sections in total. The Bits You Want to Read First starts the book and this tells you important information about kitchen utensils, how to use them and what various cooking terms mean. This is a very useful section. The other chapters are Morning Munchies, Scrummy Basics, When Mates Come Over, Puddings and Yummies to Share, Out and About, Posh Nosh, Party Time and Edible Presents. Each section has a number of recipes on a double page spread that illustrate how to make the recipe in an easy to read cartoon style format.
Kids Only Cookbook
There are clearly labelled adult alerts so the children know when they should go and get some help. The list of ingredients is obvious so everything can be made ready before they start.

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My son opted to make sticky ribs which surprised me as I was expecting him to try a cake. I got the ingredients ready and let him loose in the kitchen. First he had to mix the marinade.Kids Only Cookbook
He was not amused that I wanted to stop him to take a photo, he was obviously hard at work. He was more pleased that he got to make a mess of his hands when he had to coat the ribs in the marinade.

Kids Only CookbookI helped him put the ribs in the oven while he made some potato salad to go with the ribs. This is the finished result

Kids Only CookbooA definite success and a dish he really enjoyed making himself. He has asked me if he can do some more cooking from the book soon. He was really pleased he had managed all this without any help.

This is my video review and my son cooking his ribs

The Kids Only Cookbook is RRP £12.99 and is a great book for encouraging kids to learn how to cook.

Disclosure: I was sent the Kids Only Cookbook in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks fantastic, Sophie would love it – she often tried to use recipes from my cookbooks but they’re sometimes a bit complicated for her to understand. Love the videos 🙂

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