Kent and Fraser Gluten Free Biscuits Review

May 15, 2014

This week is Coeliac Awareness Week, aiming to raise awareness of coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an auto-immune disease where the body think that the substances found inside gluten are a threat and attacks them. This damages the intestines and makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutriants from food. It also causes a range of other, unpleasant symptoms like abdominal pain. When you realise that gluten is found in a range of foods containing wheat, barley and rye you start to realise how hard it is to avoid gluten in the diet.  It will be found in most breads, cakes, biscuits and cereals as well as other products.

I have a friend who needs to avoid gluten in their diet and I always find it difficult when she drops around for a cuppa. I never feel I can put biscuits out for her. Recently I was sent some Kent & Fraser gluten free biscuits to try and it was nice to be able to put them out when she came round. I was sent the two new additions to their gluten free range, Toasted Almond Shortbread and Fig & Hazelnut Crunchy Cookies to try.

Kent and Frazer biscuitsThe biscuits come in very smart packaging which makes them look as if you have gone to a lot of effort finding them.  The fig and hazelnut crunchy cookies have been inspired by an Italian classic and have figs paired with roasted hazelnuts with vanilla and cinnamon in the background. You can taste the figs but they mingle perfectly with the hazelnut flavour and the whole biscuit has a lovely crunch.

Kent and Frazer almond shortbreadMy personal favourite was the Toasted Almond Shortbread. I am a shortbread addict and it is one of my favourite biscuits. These were perfection, the addition of the toasted almonds gave them a slightly exotic taste and it went perfectly with the melting shortbread biscuit. I have to admit these did not last long. You would never realise that either of these biscuits were gluten free if you hadn’t read the packet. They are perfect to serve to visiting guests to impress them.

You can find Fig & Hazelnut Crunchy Cookies and Toasted Almond Shortbreads in Harrods, Selfridges and scores of independent delicatessens and farm shops nationwide, RRP from £2.29. Kent and Fraser biscuits also come in a wide range of other flavour so you will be sure to find something you love. You can see the full range on the website:

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Disclosure: I was sent some biscuits to try in return for an honest review.

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