Keeping Warm with a Slumberdown Electric Blanket

December 30, 2014

We have been lucky with the weather this year, even in December temperatures were still around eight or nine degrees Centigrade which is positively balmy. Just after Christmas things got colder. Many areas of the country faced a sudden snowfall. We missed out on the snow, but temperatures dropped and we woke to cold frosty mornings.
Frosty morning
The car windows were covered with pretty patterns as Jack Frost got busy painting leaves and cobwebs with his frost brush. The pavements and paths sparkled in the early morning light and breathing the air left clouds of white vapour lingering. It was the sort of cold that nipped your fingers and toes, turning them into ice cubes. The perfect weather to try out the Slumberdown Electric Blanket I had been sent.
Slumberdown electric blanket
When I think about electric blankets I tend to think of old grannies lying in bed with a cumbersome blanket plugged in. I had never thought of trying one out but it turned out my ideas were all wrong. The Slumberdown winter warm electric blanket is really easy to fit to the bed. There are cords supplied which go under the mattress allowing you to attached it securely into place. The mains cord is not at all bulky and can also be easily removed, allowing you to wash your blanket when required. It will go in the washing machine but should be line dried.
Slumberdown Electric blanket
When the electric blanket was added under the bottom sheet it made the sleeping surface more comfortable. I have a Dormeo mattress which is nice and comfortable but the electric blanket is really soft and cosy. When you want to turn the blanket on it is easily controlled by the hand control which is within easy reach. There are three settings so you can have it on cosy, warm or toasty.
The electric blanket is fabulous, turn it on before you go to bed and you get into a nice warm haven. Ice cold toes are a thing of the past, as is jumping into an icy cold bed and waiting for it to warm up. It is also nice to turn on first thing in the morning before getting up and putting the heating on. Given that it is more healthy to sleep without the heating on all night, an electric blanket is a great way to keep warm and cosy this winter. The Slumberdown Electric blanket is available at Tesco.

I was sent the electric blanket in return for an honest review and now am nice and cosy at night.

One response to “Keeping Warm with a Slumberdown Electric Blanket”

  1. Dr.Farber says:

    This is a really a great product! I’ve only used it two nights, but I knew the first night that this was what I had hoped it would be. Love this blanket because fits comfortably under bed sheets and has ties to hold it firmly in place. Perfect for warming up my bed on cold winter nights.

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