Keeping Fit with a Fitbit Flex

December 16, 2014

I like to think I am pretty fit. Although I work in an office I get out for a long walk with the dog every day and running around after the family keeps me in trim. I used to run regularly but recently I have not been doing as much exercise as I should have and have started to gain weight again. One of the reasons for this is that the colder weather and dark mornings put me off. It is fine running along country paths in the Summer when mornings are light, but it is not so easy to see your way on a dark Winter morning. Once you get over 40 it is much harder to keep the weight off, it seems to go on if you just look at a slice of cake, never mind eat it.

I needed some motivation to get me doing more regular exercise again. I definitely feel much happier when I exercise as well as being healthier. When Legal and General sent me a Fitbit Flex to try out, I was delighted. I do try and keep track of how many steps I do each day, but my pedometer keeps going missing in the house and I can never find it. The Fitbit Flex is a wireless activity and sleep wristband, it tracks steps and works out the distance you have travelled per day. It also monitors how well you sleep and it can also be used to check your calorie intake. Even better it is worn as a wristband so there is less chance of mislaying it.

Fitbit flexIn the box you get two wristbands, a small one and a large one,  a usb charging cable, a wireless sync dongle and the Fitbit tracker which is inserted in a wristband. Getting started is as easy as charging up the Fitbit using the usb charger, inserting it into the wristband and snapping the wristband onto your wrist. To track your progess you need to install the Fitbit app on your computer, which is download from the website. Once you have done that add the wireless dongle into a usb port, sign up for a free Fitbit account and sync your wristband. It then proceeds to track your activity.Fitbix flexThere is also a Fitbit app available on android and ios which allows you to sync the fitbit using bluetooth so you can view your progress during the day. Once the wristband is in place it feels secure. Even better it is splash proof so you can wear it in the shower, although I did take it off to have a bath. It is comfortable to wear and after a while you do not notice it.

fitbitAs well as tracking your progress via the app the Fitbit also uses LED lights to show you how close to your goal you are. Each light represents 20% of your goal. You can set the goal to be steps walked, calories or distance. Just tap the Fitbit and it will light up showing you how near your goal you are.

fitbitIf you want exact numbers just log into the app and it will show you.

fitbit flexI wore my Fitbit just to monitor my normal activity and see where I could increase my exercise. I found that on weekdays I was managing to fit my target of 10,000 steps per day. I was amazed to find that during my normal weekend activity on a Saturday I had actually walked 7.5 miles. This was just doing the shopping and cleaning, it was no wonder I was tired at the end of the day! I did find that I was motivated to walk more just to see all the little LED lights lit up. The fitbit also sends you emails to notify you when you have earned badges, which you get for walking certain distances. This makes you want to do more exercise to see what bad

The other thing I like about the Fitbit is that it monitors how well you are sleeping. At night you just tap it to put it into sleep mode and it tracks how well you have slept that night and how often you have got up. Even better you can set a silent alarm so that the Fitbit will buzz in the morning. This is great for waking me up but not my husband.

The Fitbit Flex is RRP £79.99 but it is a great motivational tool. Since I have had it I have found that I have wanted to get my exercise routine back on track and you may even see me out running again soon. I found out that the Fitbit Flex will also integrate with Runkeeper, the app I use to keep track of my running distances, so I will be trying that out soon. Hopefully I will also lose some weight in the process.

I was sent a Fitbit Flex in return for an honest review.

5 responses to “Keeping Fit with a Fitbit Flex”

  1. Ooh I have a FitBug Orb and love it so it’s interesting to see the difference. I love the lights that show how you’re doing throughout the day

  2. Heidi Roberts says:

    I am getting one of these for Xmas !

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