Jump360, Indoor Trampoline Park at Stockton

Jump 360 is an indoor trampoline park at Stockton in the North East. If you are looking for a fun and unusual activity it is a great place to visit.

Recently we took my son and his friend along to  Jump 360, Stockton. Jump 360 is an indoor trampoline park where you can bounce around and have fun.  As well as trampolines there are plenty of other activities and the boys were looking forward to the visit.  The trampoline park is  easy enough to find, it is just off the A19 in a trading estate.

Jump 360 - an indoor trampoline park in Stockton from the outside

Jump 360 Trampoline Park

Entering Jump 360 the reception desk is on one side and entry into the park on the other.  A set of stairs leads  upstairs to the cafe and viewing area. You book in at the reception area. Before using the facilities we had to sign a liability waiver. This is done on a computer around the corner which took a little while. It can also be done on-line before you arrive which would save some time. You can also book the sessions on-line.

After signing the waiver the boys were given special grip socks to wear whilst bouncing. While putting these on they watched a  safety video which told them how to use the equipment safely.  They could then go into the trampoline park. Shoes and valuables can be left in lockers which are just around the side.

Entering into Jump 360, a trampoline park near Stockton

Activities at Jump 360

Main court

Jump 360 is divided into different zones for different activities. On entering the park you find yourself in the main court.  This is made up of an area of interconnected trampolines. Some of these are at angles which allow you to bounce off the walls.  There are also trampoline tumble tracks which allow you to do all sorts of acrobatics, if you are able to. 

The interactive cardio wall is at the far end of the court. You bounce up to reach the coloured lights which can be pressed on or off.  These can be set up for different games like speed tests or height challenges. The boys really enjoyed this area and spent quite a while here before exploring further.

Inside Jump 360 trampoline park in Stockton

Net Crawl and Battle Beam

The net crawl is a section of cargo nets suspended from beams which you can climb up and crawl over. This took a far amount of agility. Just behind the net crawl is the battle beam. It is a long straight platform that two people can climb onto. They then try and knock each other off the platform using foam beams.  Luckily there is a soft landing into the foam below.  This was very popular and one of the few areas where there was a queue.

Net crawl and battle beam at Jump 360. trampoline park

Basketball, dodge ball and penalty shoot outs.

There are also areas for practising your ball skills. The basketball lanes allow you to try and score a basket. Trampolines provide you with a boost to help you reach the net.  There are three nets at different heights which cater for different skill levels. If you love football there is an area where you can try a penalty shoot out. The goal keeper can bounce on a trampoline to help them save the goals. Finally the dodge ball area adds a twist to the game with horizontal trampolines to throw the ball off which make it harder to dodge the ball.

Basketball court at Jump 360


Air bag and foam pits

Have you ever wanted to launch yourself off a trampoline and have a nice soft landing? The air bag and foam pits are great for this. The air bag is like a big bouncy castle to land on. The foam pits are filled with soft foam pieces to land in. Both these areas allow you to practice tricks safely as well as being great fun.

air bag at jump 360

Jump 360 Sessions and Prices

There are a number of different sessions on offer at Jump 360 which cater for all needs.

  • Jump Junior is for toddlers.   This allows children aged 1-5 a chance to enjoy the facilities without older kids. £6.50 per person
  • On Friday night there is a two hour session for teenagers. Jump Teen has  disco music and lights and is a great way for older kids to burn off energy. £15 per person
  • If you want to get fit then you can go along to a 30 minute Jump Fit Session. These are trampoline exercises classes designed to get you burning calories. £6 per person
  • An adult only session is held on Saturday nights between eight and ten. Jump Late is £12 per person
  • People with additional needs or disabilities can attend Jump Support sessions and bring their carer with them. £8 per person
  • The most common session is Jump Around for ages 6 and over. This gives an hours access to all areas of the trampoline park.  £12 per person
  • You can also have birthday parties at Jump 360. These give you an hours access to the facilities and food at the end for £17 per person.

Food at Jump 360

If you take your kids to Jump 360 you are able to sit upstairs and watch them from the viewing area. The balcony gives a good view of the trampoline park and there is plenty of seating. The cafe area is also situated upstairs allowing you to have a snack while you wait. The cafe sells a selection of hot and cold drinks as well as cakes and biscuits. There is also a range of hot sandwiches, toasties and paninis which are between £2.50 and £5.00.

Cafe at Jump 360 trampoline park

toasted sandwiches at Jump 360


What did we think of Jump 360?

The boys really enjoyed Jump 360 and had a great time hurling themselves around like lunatics. They tried all the activities and were worn out at the end of the hour. They did say they would love to come back on a Friday night when the teen session was on. 

If you are waiting the selection of food is great. The viewing platform gives you a good view of the whole area so you can easily see what your kids are doing. Jump 360 is a unique idea and a great place to take your kids. Do make sure you book in advance and sign the waiver forms before you go to save yourself some time. The waiver forms last a year so you only need to sign one the first time you go.

Have you ever been to an indoor trampoline park? What did you think?

If you are looking for other ideas for days out with kids why not try the Centre for Life in Newcastle? The Animals Inside Out exhibition is on until January and is fascinating.

Jump 360, An indoor trampoline park at Stockton in North East England







    • September 26, 2016 / 9:44 am

      I am sure your girls would love it. It is quite easy to find just off the main road

    • September 26, 2016 / 9:43 am

      I love the way they have different sessions for different ages so you can choose a time to suit you

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