Juice Burst Review

July 16, 2013

In this hot weather I have been drinking a lot. I have been looking for something that is refreshing and cooling and I recently came across Juice Burst, a range of 14 different juice drinks. Each drink counts towards your five a day fruit and vegetable quota.


They come in 500ml bottles which are the perfect size for carrying around for picnics or packed lunches. RRP £1.29. The first thing we noticed was the writing on the side of the bottle. This is the mango one which said “Do the mango fandango”. The blackcurrant one said “Boost your currant account”. My son was very interested by this and thought that drinking it might mean he got some money. I explained to him it meant increase your fruit intake.

Juice burst

The juice itself was lovely, I tried the mango and it was absolutely bursting with mango flavour and perfect for a hot day. It had been in the fridge for a while and the chilled juice was really refreshing. My son tried the blackcurrant and he said it was delicious.

We then noticed this logo on the side of the bottle. The logo indicated that the bottle could be blipped. If you are not sure what this means there is an app you can download on smart phones called blippar. This allows you to scan products and reveal information about the product. Juice Burst is a digitally interactive drink.

Juice burst

When you blip the bottle you can see the fruit bursting off the bottle onto the screen of your phone, with funky music in the background. You also get the chance to play a fruit machine style game where you have the chance to win prizes.  It adds a fun dimension to the drink and my son was impressed

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Disclosure: I was sent some Fruit Burst to try in return for an honest review.

2 responses to “Juice Burst Review”

  1. Brilliant marketing from Juice Burst and the juices look delicious too.
    Do you know where they are available ?

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