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January 4, 2016

Hands up if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight? Christmas is a time of year when the pounds pile on. It is so easy to eat one extra mince pie, or grab a handful of chocolates whilst watching a movie. Those glasses of wine consumed while eating dinner are empty calories and soon go onto your waist.

It is only when you put on your jeans and find they are getting hard to do up that you realise you have put on weight. If you want to lose the weight gained after Christmas why not take on the SlimFast Challenge? The Slimfast plan is designed to help you lose weight and the SlimFast Challenge provides the tools to help you do this in a fun and motivational way.

Now I am in my forties I am always battling with my weight. Earlier last year I tried the SlimFast 3-2-1 Plan and lost a fair bit. I enjoyed doing the plan but found most of the meal replacement options were sweet ones. While these were fine for breakfast I did miss a savoury lunch. I was really pleased when SlimFast added to their range and introduced a range of savoury noodles. I tried these out and they are really tasty making it much easier to stick to the plan.

What is the SlimFast Challenge?

The SlimFast Challenge is a weight loss experience based on the SlimFast 3-2-1 Plan. There is a diet plan to follow, a new SlimFast App which allows you to set your goals and motivates you to keep going as well as a facebook community where you can share your progress or get inspired.Slimfast Challenge

The SlimFast 3-2-1 Plan is easy to follow. You can have:

There is a wide range of Slimfast shakes, snacks and meal replacement bars to choose from so you will not get bored. There are three different varieties of noodles as well.

Slimfast productsSlimfast noodlesTo make things easy you can also get a SlimFast Starter Kit which contains everything you need to follow the plan for seven days.  The main meals you have to plan and make yourself but there is a wide range of recipes on the SlimFast website to help provide inspiration.

The SlimFast App

If you have ever tried to lose weight you will realise it can be difficult to keep going. It takes a lot of willpower to stick to a plan. The SlimFast App aims to help you on your weight lose journey by motivating you to keep going. In the app you can set your weight loss goals and keep track of them so you can see how well you are doing. You can also track how you feel as you take part in the plan. This can help you to avoid triggers that may normally mean you drag a bar of chocolate out of the fridge to eat it. There is also an opportunity to take photos of yourself as you take part in the challenge so you can see the changes in yourself as you lose weight.

Slimfast appTo help you plan your days on the plan there is a 3-2-1 plan tracker and you can also access recipe ideas and inspiration from inside the app.  If you haven’t thought about what you are going to eat tonight you can access the meal planner while you are at work and plan a meal based on what you have in the fridge. It will also allow you to plan your shopping trip and make sure you have all the ingredients for the weeks meals. With a large range of 600 calorie meals you will find something to inspire you.

slimfast appSticking to any diet can be hard so the SlimFast app aims to help motivate you. With daily motivational mantras and exercise programs to inspire you it will help keep you going. You also have the option to share your progress with your friends so they can encourage you on the way.

SlimFastWith the app at your side and the SlimFast 3-2-1 plan will you be taking on the SlimFast challenge this January? Do let me know below.

Are you joining me in the SlimFast Challenge this January? Download the app now and make a start.

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  1. I think apps can be a really great way to keep you on track. I have so many health and fitness apps that I love.

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