JML Spin Gym Review

November 14, 2011

I was recently sent a Spin Gym from JML to review by the lovely people at FuelMyBlog. The Spin Gym is a new form of exercise gadget which works out your arms leaving them feeling toned and looking firm. It provides 20 lbs of resistance at each pull so you will feel it working instantly. It is also very small and compact so you can carry it around easily with you and just use it whenever you have five minutes.

This is what the Spin Gym looks like.  It’s a small metal disc on a cord and the idea is to get the disc spinning and keep it spinning. It is really like a spinning top on a string. In order to make it spin you need to wind up the cords by whirling the disc round until the cord tightens up. You then move your arms in and out to get the disc spinning and to keep it spinning.

There is a definite knack to it, it took me a while to work out how to get it spinning and keep it spinning. There is an instruction video that comes with the Spin Gym and I suggest watching this as it is really helpful.  Once you get the hang of it it is great fun and you don’t want the disc to stop spinning. You can really feel it working your arm muscles as well while it spins. I have definitely noticed a difference in my arms, they are feeling a lot firmer and more toned.

When you buy the Spin Gym as well as the Spin Gym you also get a carry case, an extra cord, an instruction guide, a quick start guide and two DVD’s – Fitness Instructional & Workout DVD and Cardio & more DVD.

I love the way that you can carry this anywhere and just get it out and spin it when you have a few minutes. I didn’t try it at work as I would have got a few odd looks but you can even use it while sitting watching television. This definitely appeals to my lazier side. It works to tone your arms, back, shoulders and back all in one go, and there are a range of different exercises which you can use to target specific muscle groups. The Spin Gym was a great hit with all the family, my son in particular keeps pinching it and having a go. He is ten so it definitely appeals to all ages.

This video shows the Spin Gym in action:

and shows how good it is when you get it going. It is a great product that is fun to use and once you get going you will not want to stop.

If you want to get one be ready to swoop as they sell out very quickly. You can sign up for an email notification so you get notified when they are in stock.

RRP £29.99

You can obtain the Spin Gym from JML:

You can also find them on Facebook here:

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  1. Whooo your email caught my eye this spin gym reminds me of an old fashioned toy I used to own!!! Great idea for my bingo wingged friends (I whispered that) LOL

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