A Wander Round Jesmond Dene

November 20, 2014

We are very lucky in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we have plenty of open spaces and parks we can visit. The Town Moor is a vast area of common land spread over the west side of the city and you will often see cows grazing on the land. This is because the Freemen of Newcastle have the right to graze their cows here. On the east side of the city you will find Jesmond Dene, a park in Jesmond that is set out along the banks of the Ouseburn which is in a valley or Dene. It is a haven for wildlife, you will find red squirrels and kingfishers hiding here if you look.

Jesmond-deneWe went for a visit on a sunny Autumn day, the colours in the leaves were striking and the sky was lovely and blue. Armstrong bridge goes across Jesmond Dene, it is a bridge made from iron and often you will find a craft fair along it’s length on a Sunday. It was built in the Armstrong works in Elswick, which produced hydraulic machinery cranes and bridges. The bridge opened in 1878 and Lord Armstrong donated it to the people of Newcastle. The bridge is now only for people, the Cradlewell bypass takes traffic past the park.
Jesmond-dene-2My dog, Eddie had a great time tearing though the Autumn leaves. He ran around in big circles wearing himself out. Parts of the grass were a bit muddy but luckily we had bought a blanket with us so we wrapped him up in the car when we left. He did need a bath when we got home.
Jesmond-dene-3The park is full of trails though the trees, seating and picnic areas and paths beside the river. We had fun exploring enjoying the sunshine and watching the river wind it’s way though the trees.


Jesmond-dene-10The boys enjoyed a game of football, which the dog got really excited about. He tried to catch the ball but was never quite fast enough.
Jesmond-dene-11Jesmond Dene is also home to Pets Corner, which is home to a variety of animals. You will find goats, ducks, sheep, pigs and a range of birds. There are also smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. We had a great time wandering round looking at the different animals, although the dog was not really sure what to make of them.

Jesmond-dene-16I used to bring my son here when he was much smaller and he was fascinated by the male peacock fanning his tail feathers and showing off, as he put it. We did not see the peacock on this visit but there were plenty of other animals to see. After visiting the animals you can stop for a bite to eat in Millfield House which also has a visitor centre and toilets. We decided it was time to take an excited and muddy dog home.

5 responses to “A Wander Round Jesmond Dene”

  1. What a beautiful looking part. Even better at this time of with the different colour leaves.

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    I just adore Jesmond Dene – it looks so beautiful during each of the seasons! I often get the bus up from Whitley bay and take my dog for a walk! Love your photos!

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