Inflataspace Newcastle – an inflatable theme park

March 21, 2018
Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle is the UK’s largest indoor Inflatable theme park. It provides a range of different activities where you can bounce and take part in total wipeout style games with your friends. There are plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy. Read on to find out more.

Inflataspace is a new inflatable theme park which has recently opened in Benfield Business Park in Newcastle.  It is the brainchild of the people behind Jump 360 who  have a number of trampoline parks across the North East. Inflataspace has taken a disused warehouse and made it into a theme park where you can bounce to your hearts content. We recently went along to find out more.

Inflataspace Newcastle

Where is Inflataspace Newcastle?

Inflataspace Newcastle is on Benfield Road inside the Benfield Business Park. There is some parking outside but it is shared with the Business Park so it may be hard to find a space. It is easy to get to on public transport as it is next to Walkergate Metro Station.

Getting started at Inflataspace

Inflataspace is a giant disused warehouse that has been turned into an inflatable wonderland. When you enter the building you go to Misson Control. If you have a booking they will have a record but you can also just turn up to bounce. It is a good idea to book before you go so you don’t have to wait. You are advised to turn up thirty minutes before your session.

Inflataspace Newcastle

You need to sign a liability waiver before you can go on the inflatables. This can be done on-line before you go or on the computer terminals which are on a desk on the side. The waiver is easy to fill in. You just need to fill in your name, date of birth and the names of any children you have with you. Once you have done you are given a pair of antibacterial socks to put on. You are also given a coloured wrist band which show which session you are in. You then need to attend a safety briefing.

There are plenty of lockers available for storing your shoes, coats and jewellery while you bounce. Jewellery should not be worn as it can puncture the inflatables. Lockers cost £1 which you get back when you stop using them.

The Safety Briefing

The safety briefing takes around ten minutes. During the briefing you get an overview of the different activities available and how to be safe while you do them. The briefing is matter of fact and makes you aware of dangers. Most of it is common sense.

The staff also warn you they have a black mark system. If you are seen doing anything dangerous you get a black mark. Three black marks and you are sent off.  This is a good way to ensure that people think about their behaviour before they go on the inflatables. After the briefing there was a short wait for the session before us to end. We could then enter the inflatable park.

Safety briefing at Inflataspace Newcastle

What activities are available in Inflataspace?

There are plenty of activities available in Inflataspace for all ages to enjoy. You will find that your hours bouncing time goes really quickly.

Activities for everyone

I had my son and some of his friends with me and they quickly ran off to explore. Every so often someone would fly over our heads. They were trying out the Skyrider – the longest indoor ZipCoaster in Europe. It looks like great fun but we didn’t manage to give it a try while we were there.

My son went upstairs where he tried out Rocket Racers. This is a two lane assault course made out of inflatables. It looks like a real challenge to get round and finishes with a slide. After this he went downstairs into the main inflatable zone.

There is plenty to do in this area. Try climbing up the crater climb, an inflatable wall with handholds. Rush though the planet pillars, inflatable pillars that provide an obstacle on your way to the other areas. Chuck some basket balls into the Space Jam Slam-dunk hoops on the way past. Bounce on giant asterorids or try and negotiate Inflata Crater – inflatable spring pads. If all that is not enough try out the Warp Speed Slide and slide down at great speed.

Skyrider at Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Challenge your friends

If you want to take on your friends there are a number of fun challenges you can do with them. First up is the Star Wars Battle Beam. Put on your protective helmet and climb onto the rocking pad. Grab your beam and do your best to knock your friend flying. It is much harder than it looks.

If you are feeling fit orbiter wipeout is a real challenge. Enter the station and try to survive the rotating beam as it swing round trying to knock you out. Jumping one minute and ducking the next. Can you be the last person standing?

Challenge your friends to Gravity GrabInspired. You need to grab as many balls as you can from the central pit before time runs out. It sounds easy but a bungee cord keeps pulling you back making it a difficult challenge.

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Inflataspace Newcastle

Toddler Zone

If you have a little one there is a special Toddler Zone which is just for those between 0 – 3. This allows young bouncers to enjoy the fun without worrying about larger people getting in the way. The AstroTots Toddler Zone has slides, a bouncy castle, a mini obstacle course and other inflatable fun.

Toddler Zone at Inflataspace Newcastle


If you are not taking part there is plenty of space to watch. You have a good view of the main area from the floor. If you prefer to sit there is a cafe area upstairs which has a good range of snacks and drinks. After an hours bouncing your kids will be thirsty so this is a good place to allow them to sit and relax with a drink.

What we thought of Inflataspace

Inflataspace is a really great place for kids to burn off excess energy. There is a wide range of activities which are suitable for all age groups. If you have a friend there are plenty of challenges you can do together. If you are on your own there is also plenty to do.

Whilst running around the park the kids got very thirsty. It would be a good idea to buy a bottle of water from the cafe so they can come to you and get a drink when they need to.

The park was well supervised. Lots of staff were on hand keeping an eye on the different areas and making sure everything ran smoothly. They made sure that if people were queueing for activities like the battle beam they did not have to wait too long.

The kids had a great time and all of them said they would love to go back.

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Prices and sessions

There are two different types of session:

Open Bounce

This is for everyone over 4. You need to be over 13 to bounce by yourself and have a waiver completed by a parent or guardian over age 18. If you are younger than 13 a parent needs to be on the premises.

Cost: £12 for an hour. This includes the antibacterial socks.

Toddler Zone

This is for ages 0-4.

Cost: £5 for an hour including the antibacterial socks.

Birthday Parties

You can also hold a birthday party at Inflataspace. You get 60 minutes play in the Inflataspace park and then 30 minutes in the cafe for food and drink. Each child gets a choice of kids meal and drink as well as a bottle of water while they bounce. Party invites are provided and the birthday child will get a card with a voucher for a free future visit. You also get a host to help out during the party

Cost: £17 per person for ages 4+ including antibacterial socks.

Birthday Parties £17 per person 1.5 hours Age 4+ Includes socks

Inflataspace Opening Hours

Opening hours vary depending if it is term time or not.

During term time

During school holidays

Inflataspace Address

Units A3, A4 & A5, Benfield Business Park, Benfield Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 4NQ

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Inflataspace Newcastle. An indoor inflatable theme park which is great for visiting with kids

We were given complementary entry to Inflataspace. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

6 responses to “Inflataspace Newcastle – an inflatable theme park”

  1. This looks like great fun for older kids when they’e outgrown normal soft play 🙂

  2. My kids would find this amazing, but we’re in the wrong part of the country. Hopefully more will open. They love going to the trampoline place. My eldest son used to be a huge fan of watching Total Wipeout and used to make his own mini versions for his toys to compete in

  3. Anca says:

    Wow! I love it! Last year I’ve been to a inflatable course and we had so much fun. While there are plenty of things to do with children, not so much for adults and we had an amazing time. While Newcastle is a bit far from us, I looked online and I saw one closer, only 1 hour away. I will buy tickets to surprise my husband.

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