Independent Dog Food from Costcutter

April 22, 2016

Recently my dog tried Independent dog food from Costcutter. Find out what he thought of it.

Eddie, my cavalier King Charles spaniel can be a bit of a diva. He thinks the members of the house are there to do his bidding. He has a habit of standing by the back door and giving an imperious woof when he wants to go out. If he wants to play he will pick up his dog toy place it next to you and woof. It is almost as if he is giving a royal command.

In an equally royal way Eddie is very fussy about his food. One day he will eat all his dog food and the next day he will not eat anything. I am always looking for new food to tempt him with and was recently sent some Independent dog  food from Costcutter for him to try.

King Charles Spaniel

Independent Dog Food from Costcutter

Independent is Costcutter’s own brand and had over 600 lines which include fresh meats and vegetables, household items and confectionery.  The brand has received industry acclaim for its Strawberry Bonbons, Shortbread Biscuit Fingers and Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps. Part of the range includes a pet care range with a selection of cat and dog food, treats, dental sticks and anti-bacterial cat litter. Eddie had not tried the range before so I was interested to see what the selection was.

Pet food range from costcutter

Wet dog food

The dog food range includes wet food and dried food. Eddie eats both, it depends on his mood.  The tins of wet food come in two sizes, large and small. There are two flavours, chicken with gravy or beef with gravy. The food itself is very wet due to the gravy. It does smell nice and Eddie seemed to enjoy it. Checking the ingredients it contains 4% chicken or 4% beef.

Costcutter wet dog food

Dried dog food

As well as the wet dog food there is dried dog food, Independent Complete Working Dog Food. At my local pet shop recently I learnt that you pay VAT on dried dog food. However if it is working dog food then you do not pay VAT and as a result it is slightly cheaper.  The Independent food can be given dried or moistened with warm water to make it softer. It always amazes me that dogs like dried dog food as it does not look appetising. Eddie will often choose to eat dried dog food in preference to wet and was happy to eat this as well.

Costcutter dried dog food

Dog Treats

Every dog deserves a treat once in a while, after all it is a hard life being a dog. You have to guard the house and go on long walks. The Independent range has Meaty Strips with Chicken, Meaty Strips with Beef and Doggy Dental Stix to give your dog a treat. They have no artificial colour of flavours and are enriched with vitamins as well as being low fat.

costcutter dog treats

Eddie loves his treats, if he has his way he would eat nothing else all day. He really enjoyed the meaty strips and ran off into the garden to eat them. I think he thought I was going to pinch them.


You can find the Independent dog food range in Costcutter stores nationwide.

Independent dog food range giveaway

How would you like to win a selection of independent dog food for your dog to enjoy? Costcutter have put together a selection of their food and one of my readers can win it for their dog.  The prize will contain a selection of wet and dried dog food as well as some dog treats

Win a selection of dog food

So how do you enter? Just leave me a comment below telling me if you dog is a fussy eater or not. If they are do you have any hints on how to get them to eat their food? Once you have made a comment come back and fill in the rafflecopter widget so your entry is registered. This is mandatory. You can get other entries by subscribing by email, following on twitter, visiting facebook or tweeting on twitter but these are optional. Good luck!

Why not pop over and enter my other giveway to win a limited edition dog bowl?

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90 responses to “Independent Dog Food from Costcutter”

  1. Paula Readings says:

    My little Yorkie is a very fussy eater.. we pretend to eat whatever she is, making very enthusiastic noises, then when she see’s we are not trying to poison her, she will eat it.. all this takes time, unless it is something she eats regular.

  2. amy fidler says:

    my black lab jack used to be a fussy eater,so we stopped feeding him at the same time as our other dog whiskey,where he’d then try to steal whiskeys food,so when we presented him with his own bowl,he ate his food straight away x

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    Our dog isn’t fussy at meal times but she is when it comes to treats! I try to tempt her to chewing on dentastix/chews to keep her teeth healthy but she is not interested and only wants small and soft or crunchy treats!

  4. Harline parkin says:

    He’s not fussy at all my paddy he loves fish and tuna I give it him once a week for a shiny coat

  5. Keith Hunt says:

    No – All the basset hounds love thay food.

  6. jennifer hull says:

    mrs pgugle cannot eat chicken or anything made with chicken !!!!!!…but otherwise….loves food

  7. Dee Dmonte says:

    I have three dogs who will eat most things, it’s my cat whos the fuss pot.
    He will only eat one brand, pouches and in jelly only. We tried to fool him once and put the same brand from a tim in a pouch nd tried to feed it to him – he wasnt having any of it 🙂

  8. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Sometimes she is fussy and other times she isn’t, sometimes I think she does it so she have fuss while she eating.

  9. Amber is a little fussy actually. We buy Royal Canin dry food (and hardly ever wet food) and complement with fresh food suck as chicken or beef mince. Would be interested to find out where this range is made … I am very careful in choosing the right food for her, as well as us, and prefer made in UK or EU.

  10. Vincent Porter says:

    Our little beast will literally eat anything.

  11. iain maciver says:

    not fussy love any food

  12. pete c says:

    fortunately not a fussy eater

  13. Natalie Crossan says:

    Try to cook as much as you can for them x

  14. Chrissie Curtis says:

    My Dog has gone through a stage of being fussy! She is not so fussy now but as she has gotten older she will only eat small dog biscuits. I guess because of her teeth she cannot crunch up the bigger bits some brand tend to use. She absolutely loves treats though!

    Especially Chicken!

  15. Hayley Atkins says:

    In the past I have been known to get down on all fours and pretend to eat the dog”s food! Even a fussy eater will want to eat what his human is eating!

  16. Ray Dodds says:

    Not a fussy eater but can overeat if given the chance

  17. Ruth Harwood says:

    He’s not too fussy, to be honest, and he loves a treat or two after his food 🙂

  18. aaron broad says:

    We have a Labrador so no issues with eating!

  19. Amy Jane Beckett says:

    Kali is not fussy at all – On dry food all the time

  20. brenda heads says:

    My Border Collie Ben will eat anything put in front of him or he finds.

  21. There are so many different brands of pet food now. Our cats are really fussy, so they don’t like change.

  22. cathyj says:

    one dog is not, but has allergies so need to be careful the other does not like the allergy dog food – nightmare pair

  23. Alison Murphy says:

    I make my 3 beagles their own food and their treats are all natural too – it’s not usually difficult to get them to eat. Getting them to stop is the problem!!

  24. Lucy Major says:

    he is such a fussy eater! we have to give him food in small parts to make him eat it

  25. Simon tutthill says:

    Mix a little bit of chicken in with the meal

  26. Rachael G says:

    Mine is absolutely not a fussy eater, but no tips apart from keep trying different foods and treats.

  27. Zoe C says:

    My dogs aren’t fussy, they’ve tried it on a few times but know it doesn’t work

  28. Angie Hoggett says:

    she’s not fussy but I do notice she likes her walk first before she’ll eat anything

  29. melanie stirling says:

    My dog isn’t fussy,he loves his food.

  30. Pauline Hill says:

    yes please great prize

  31. Dean Willoughby says:

    Our Cockapoo Bailey will eat anything as long a she has an appetite. We just make sure he is exercised well before dinner time and then he comes in and wolfs the lot down.

  32. Tracey Belcher says:

    Our Tom was rescued from a landfill site in Bosnia and as such the poor lad will eat anything! We are trying to teach him that food will never be hard to find! Easier said than done!

  33. Jodie Harvey says:

    no fussy pups here

  34. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    My dog would love to be able to eat anything although i’m very strict with his food

  35. Kathleen Sarah Bell says:

    I have three dogs, and they are a bit fussy in that they will onyl eat food that smells quite meaty. They don’t really like anything ‘cheap’ with no smell! Haha 🙂

    This food looks good 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  36. Mark Palmer says:

    No fussy eaters here

  37. S Bufton says:

    My dog isn’t a fussy eater she will eat anything.

  38. Louise Comb says:

    Our King Charles, Hugo, is not really a fussy eater. We don’t tempt him to eat, instead we have to be a little careful that he doesn’t overeat X

  39. Kat Glynn says:

    My dog is not a fussy eater at all. We leave his biscuits down all the time filling only when empty. It takes the drama out of feeding time… and he only eats when he is hungry 🙂

  40. Margaret Beardmore says:

    I got a very fussy dog I have tried every brand of dog food you can think of except this one he refuses to eat them he will almost starve before he eats them it takes him 2to3 days before he will eat a dish full and he is a big dog

  41. Jo Carroll says:

    Unfortunately my Bichon Frise is not a fussy eater in the slightest. He will gobble down pretty much anything which makes it harder to maintain a healthy diet for him 😉

  42. leanne weir says:

    my lucy will eat anything

  43. Kirsty Hosty says:

    Buddy can sometimes be a fussy eater, however the way we worked around this is putting a little bit of juice from a tuna can on his food and he will eat it

  44. Nope our Bella will eat anything but that’s our problem, we have to cut her meals back as she’s putting on a lot of weight x

  45. Richard Tyler says:

    She isn’t overly fussy, she’d eat the house at times though lol

  46. katrina walsh says:

    My dogs, Egbert and Mister Sweep will eat just about anything.

  47. Judith Allen says:

    Our GSD could be very fussy, he was supposed to have Hills science plan with how big he was, but he would rather not eat for days than eat it. And some foods really didn’t agree with him, with rather disastrous results. We were lucky that the food he did like you could buy in HUGE bags really cheaply, but that’s no use if you only have a tiny pooch.

  48. Joanne Mapp says:

    I have a lab, so getting him to eat anything is never a problem, but he does have a delicate stomach, so I have to be careful with what he eats.

  49. Sally Hay says:

    Our dog will eat anything! I have had a fussy feeder in the past though and found that pretending his dinner had come out of the oven/microwave did the trick nicely.

  50. Helen W says:

    Our dog isn’t fussy at all. She’s like a dustbin!

  51. George Wright says:

    No she’s not fussy, the only thing we know she doesn’t like is celery!

  52. helen w says:

    Our dog Tilly is a walking dustbin and we have to be so careful as she will look for food anywhere

  53. Susan B says:

    No, he was stray so will eat anything and everything.

  54. olivia Kirby says:

    I’m entering for my friend’s dog called Bentley, he isn’t a fusspot!!
    I have cats and they’re not fussy either!

  55. Pamela Gossage says:

    Not fussy will eat most things

  56. Kayleigh White says:

    I have three dogs, all of which are fussy eaters. One of the dogs, won’t touch his food until the other two have had some of theirs, almost as if he thinks I’m poisoning him!

  57. Anthea Holloway says:

    My granddog, Harley, will eat anything that is put down for him and anything else he can get his teeth into. He loves finding rabbit and deer dropping in our garden and thinks they are the tastiest treat!

  58. Anthea Holloway says:

    My granddog, Harley, will eat anything that is put down for him and anything else he can get his teeth into. He loves finding rabbit and deer droppings in our garden and thinks they are the tastiest treat!

  59. Jenny Badger says:

    Our puppy Molly normally eats anything but she did rejrect Butcher’s canned food. We tried everything and different flavours but she just wouldn’t touch any of her dinner if any of it was in there. Shame we’d bought 24 of them…

  60. Sam akers says:

    My rescue retired greyhound Jack is not fussy at all! Although when we 1st had him he didn’t really know what dog treats or toys were as he’d never had them before He’s making up for it now though!

  61. Sarah Wilson says:

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Dolly who is a pretty normal eater, and Ruby, who is the greediest little monster you’ll ever meet! I suppose I’m lucky that my two aren’t fussy, but I know that sometimes adding a bit of yoghurt to their food can encourage them to eat.

  62. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Doni isn’t a fussy eater but we are trying him on different food at the moment (only had him since 29 December) as he was a bit “whiffy” when we got him and he’s still the same. We are trying to find food which will agree with him better, or we will have shares in “air fresheners”. 🙂

  63. Gemma Holland says:

    Our dog Buddy isn’t a fussy eater, he’ll eat anything. (Including some lovely cakes my sister bought for my birthday – they were swiped from the kitchen top)

  64. claire little says:

    not at all although he’s still very young so wanting to explore and eat everything.

  65. Michelle Ptak says:

    Not a fussy eater but does work up a good appetite!!

  66. Emma Perry says:

    My dog Rolo is like a hoover, he would eat all day long if I let him and everything in sight! Last month we had gone out and when we got home he had somehow managed to get up on the kitchen side and got hold of a packet of cookies and multi pack of crisps and ate the lot! He really is a gannit! lol

  67. Sheri Darby says:

    No, except that she always would prefer our food, but she eats her own quite happily

  68. paul jackson says:

    I have 2 Pugs and they will eat absolutely anything

  69. Helen Metcalfe says:

    My dog isnt fussy at all, which I’m very grateful for. My sisters dog will only eat if she stands next to him!

  70. Victoria Prince says:

    No fussy eaters here! Mine all eat anything and everything, though one did go through a fussy stage as a “teenager”. For those that are, my tips would be not to leave food down all day – put it down, give them 10 minutes max and then pick it up and offer again later – and not to get drawn into the trap of constantly adding tasty bits to encourage them to eat!

  71. Jessica Hutton says:

    One of my girls is a very fussy eater. We put her food in a kong toy and it turns it into a game.

  72. Jocelynne Harrison says:

    I mix melted coconut oil in with their food. It’s good for them and my dogs wolf it down

  73. Jim Dowling says:

    I don’t have a problem with my dog. But I’m loved reading all of the tips

  74. Karen Dowling says:

    I mix things such as vegetables and eggs into my dogs every now and again

  75. Amanda Cargill says:

    My dog isn’t fussy at all but LOVES vegetables so I always have that backup if I need it

  76. Nancy Bradford says:

    My dog will eat anything. He is the opposite of fussy 🙂

  77. ellie spider says:

    My dog is not fussy if anything he eats anything which is very annoying and gross!

  78. Adrian Bold says:

    Our dog Lucy loves every kind of food – but she adores anything heated up.

  79. Thomas Perry says:

    My border collie used to be really fussy but now we always go out for a nice big walk before meal times and now he always clears his bowl

  80. lia sturman says:

    our dog lexi isnt very fussy so we are lucky

  81. Kathryn Cox says:

    I leave it down for 15 minutes, if he’s not eaten it then I take it away and he will then get it for his next meal. He’s now learnt it will be taken away so eats it straight away 🙂

  82. kim wallace says:

    Scooby has IBS and both him and Cody eat fast so have bought them gobble bowls to slow them down, they will eat anything though as cavaliers do

  83. Stuart says:

    Our 11 year old cavapoo Tizzy is a fussy eater. Some mornings not eating her breakfast. We have to hand feed her. She will eat like that but not out of her dish.

  84. Cathy O says:

    I have three cocker spaniels and all of them love their food

  85. Emma says:

    Not fussy at all. He will eat anything you give him.

  86. Lydia Graham says:

    Both our dogs are fussy, as for tips to get them to eat I’m reading all the other posts

  87. Emma Farrell says:

    Lenny will eat anything but only when he’s hungry&ion his terms.

  88. Diane Duggan says:

    My dog gets bored with dog food and likes to have steak or chicken for a change.

  89. Patricia Fraser says:

    My Labrador will eat anything as he is so greedy, but i prefer to give him jelly tinned dog food.

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