Iced Fruit Meringue Things

June 11, 2012

Iced MeringueAs it is the summer there are plenty of summer berries around now. I got a little bit experimental over the weekend and decided to try making a dessert that uses them. These are my Iced Fruit Meringue Things, I couldn’t think of a better title.

This is how I made them.

First I made some strawberry and banana ice cream.


I whipped this all together in a food processor until it was blended together. I then tipped it into a plastic tub and put it into the freezer until it was frozen. This took a while, I found that the top was frozen to start with but the underside was not. I ended up leaving it a good five hours until it was solid.

By this time my son was desperate and kept asking when he could eat the meringue nests. I was cruel and told him he had to wait until the ice cream was ready. He had lots of logic about how the meringues could be eaten on there own and did not need ice cream but I was adamant. When the ice cream was done I gathered up my son, who had made it his job to help me, some bananas, some blueberries, the meringue nests, some Greek yoghurt and of course the ice cream. I left the next steps of the creation to my son to do.

The meringue nests were placed in the bowls. I sliced up some bananas and my son added them on the top of the nests, mixed with a few blueberries. We then spooned on a dollop of ice cream and added the Greek yoghurt and blueberries on the top. I have to say it did look quite nice although a little bit wonky.

Then came the nice part, testing it. I have never tried to make ice cream before but was quite pleased with how nicely it turned out. It was delicious. When mixed with the other ingredients it was a lovely dessert for a summers day. My son also enjoyed it, which was just as well as he had been waiting for quite a while!

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