How to Save a Ton Of Money When Shopping for a Whole New Wardrobe

September 24, 2018

If you know that you need to get out there and shop for a whole new wardrobe then you will know how expensive this can be. After all, at times you may feel as though every single item you need costs a small fortune and you may even find that you have to compromise on items that you normally wouldn’t want to. If you want to save money when you need to buy a whole new wardrobe then you can find out some info right here.

Buy the Basics

If you are shopping for some layered pieces then don’t be afraid to shop on the cheaper end of things. There is no point in you buying an expensive or even a luxurious brand if you know that it is just going to be covered up most of the time. This is especially the case for plain t-shirts or even tank tops. It is a good idea for you to save the labels of the clothing items that you do actually want to show off as this will not only boost your confidence because it will make your outfit look way better as well.

Always Shop Out of Season

It may seem exciting to buy things during the pre-season but you should try and avoid this if possible. If you try and shop for the items you need out of season rather than just before then you can save nearly 50% and these savings are absolutely huge when you compare it to some of the other savings that you can take advantage of. If you know that you need to expand your winter wardrobe for example then shop months in advance, not weeks. The same applies for your summer wardrobe as well. In fact, now is probably a great time for you to do that as the savings would be astronomical.

Skip Outlets

You may think that outlets are the way to go but this is not the case at all. When you shop through an outlet, you are probably going to find a list of items that did not sell the last season. This ultimately means that you may be limited to un-flattering colours, items that are of a poor fit or even trends that are short-lived as well. This can cause you real problems because you will probably end up buying clothes that you don’t actually want and on top of this, you will also not be saving that much. You can save just as much by looking out for discount codes when you shop online. In fact, Next discount codes are very easy for you to come by and when you do shop for discounts, you can sometimes save way more than you realise.


Of course, if you know that you need to shop for a whole new wardrobe then the above tips can help and you would really be surprised at how easy it is for you to not only get the clothing you want, but also at a price you can comfortably afford.


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  1. Some great ideas. My tip is to always browse the clothing aisles at the supermarket on your grocery shop. Pity I can’t do the same for shoes. I’m finding it all adds up right now, as having to replace most of my footwear to accommodate the width of orthotics I’ve just had made-to-measure

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