How to enjoy your garden this summer

July 27, 2018
Poached egg plant

I think everyone can agree – it’s been a long winter. And the Spring weather hasn’t exactly been kind either. With that in mind, most of our gardens can seem a little dull, beaten and lacklustre. So, now the warm weather is here, making our outdoor spaces feel like the perfect summer hangout can seem a little daunting.

But don’t worry. Here you’ll find a few summer solutions and helpful hints that will turn your garden into the perfect place to be this summer.

Poached egg plant


With summer comes long, light evenings and the idea of garden lighting might seem a little odd. But if you want to make your garden the ideal space to relax both day and night, then you’re going to need some lighting solutions. Garden lighting is subtle and can make every garden look pretty and inviting. LED Hut has a wide range of lighting to choose from. So, whether you’re thinking of bright and bold floodlights, twinkling LED’s along the patio or decking, or something simple like solar powered garden stakes in between the flowers. Lighting up your garden will make those long summer evenings extra special.


A lack of seating in your garden usually means having to sit on the hard floor. Which can feel a little uncomfortable after a while. If your garden furniture is looking a little worse for wear after six months in the garage or shed, then now is the time to invest in a new patio set. Or maybe just a few garden loungers or a stylish hanging chair for some added comfort while your read your summer books and sip on something extra cold.

If you’re going to have guests over, extra chairs is a must. But if you’re struggling for room, don’t forget that beanbags, cushions and rugs on the grass will also look great. If you have space, a hammock would give your garden a real tropical vibe!

Grow and garnish

This solution not only looks and smells good – but will save you money too! Growing garnishes for your cool, summer drinks is both fun and rewarding. We all know that those packets and bunches of herbs from the supermarket don’t really last long, so growing your own mint, lavender and even coriander is the perfect, home grown addition to your favourite summer drinks.

Something for the birds and bees

The summer weather can be hot and dry, which means many birds, bees and even baby hedgehogs can become dehydrated. So, why not give nature a helping hand? Filling up a small water fountain or even just a little pot of water will be greatly appreciated. Remember to keep it clean and topped up and see who stops by for a drink. Keeping it well maintained means that small animals will come to rely on it for a permanent water source.


Add a bit of colour

Summer is full of colour! But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little more! Colourful bunting, a jazzy patio set. Brightly printed cushions or busy looking flowerbeds are ideal.

2 responses to “How to enjoy your garden this summer”

  1. Galina V says:

    I top up the water fountain for the birds every evening. In this weather they must be struggling with finding the water sources. Comfy seating in the garden would be lovely, we do need a new bench, ours is too old and needs replacing.

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