Having a pizza party

July 2, 2015

I love pizza. I would be quite happy eating pizza every day if I had the option. I could have a different topping each day of the week and never get bored. I think my addiction to pizza started as a child. In the seventies my parents took me to America and we went on a trip across a number of different states. My dad had a conference in Tennessee and to get there we drove across the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and into North and South Carolina. The whole atmosphere of America in those days was a complete contrast to that of Belfast in the seventies. There were drive in movies, motels with ice machines and when eating in restaurants there just seemed to be so much more food. Life just seemed so much more relaxed.

When we reached Tennessee we were staying in an apartment. It had an outdoor pool which we loved to visit every day. One day we went down to find it was shut, snapping turtles had managed to get in and we watched fascinated as they were removed. The man who took them out of the water demonstrated the power of the snap to us by thrusting a stick at their jaws, which was quickly broken in half. As we were on holiday we chose simple options for eating. One day some of my dad’s friends visited and we had a pizza party. In those days pizza’s were simply not delivered in the UK and we were amazed when they arrived with boxes of large pizza’s that were cut into wedges. Being Americans they also bought along plenty of different salads and large packets of crisps (or chips as they call them). There were also large gherkins to place on the size of your plate. We all really enjoyed the meal.

Chicago town pizzasRecently Chicago Town sent me some of their new pizza snacks to try out which gave me an excuse to have a pizza party of my own. With lots of different varieties of pizza and a couple of salads, it was a a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and eat in the garden. My son was not sure which one to choose first when he saw the selection. I served them with a spicy couscous salad and a beetroot salad which worked perfectly. The Chicago town range of pizza snacks contains subs, small deep dish pizzas and a new pizza melt. There is something for everyone.  They are all ready in around 15 – 20 minutes when placed in a preheated oven so are ideal for a meal in a hurry.

Chicago town pizza

Chicago Town Pizza Sub

The Chicago Town pizza sub is served on a crispy sub base and comes with several different toppings. There is the Hawaiian consisting of ham and pineapple and the signature tomato sauce. For those more conservative with their pizza toppings there is the cheese and tomato sub. A mix of edam, red cheddar and mozzarella mixed with signature tomato sauce. If you are more of a meat fan then the Meat Supreme Sub is for you. Melted edam cheese, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms and red onion with the signature tomato sauce. We ytr

Chicago town sub

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza

I am not normally a fan of deep dish pizza but Chicago Town’s small deep dish pizza’s are different.  The base is dish shaped and holds lots more topping, rather than just having a thick base. This is much more tasty. There are several different flavours. The New Yorker which is full of pepperoni slices, red onions, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce which is ideal for meat fans. The chicken and bacon deep dish pizza is a combination of chicken breast, bacon, ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce which is just to my taste. Finally there is the pulled pork which is a blend of pulled pork and fried onion with barbecue sauce and mozzarella cheese, ideal for those hot summer nights.

chciago town deep dish pizza

Chicago Town Pizza Melt

The pizza melt is a new idea, a pizza sandwich in a burger bun. It is rather novel, my son was quite impressed when he saw it. Place in the oven, sandwich the two halves together and enjoy. If you are like me and enjoy cold pizza it would also be great in a lunch box.

chicago town pizza meltThere are two flavours, the Meat Supreme Pizza Melt and the Pepperoni Pizza Melt. The Meat Supreme is topped with edam and cheddar cheese, pepperoni, smoky bacon, smoked ham and mushroom. The Pepperoni is a classic combination of edam and cheddar cheese with pepperoni and tomato sauce.
chicago town pizza

The pizza melt is a great idea and would be lovely as a side dish at a barbecue party. If you are looking for other side dishes to serve with your pizzas why not try a carrot and raisin salad

Carrot salad

For a refreshing drink this apple, cucumber, elderflower and mint cocktail is ideal.
Apple Cucumber Elderflower and mint cocktail

Do you ever have a pizza party? What do you serve?

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I was sent some vouchers to buy the pizza in return for an honest review.

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  1. I love your American experiences – the turtles sound pretty unforgettable ! The pizzas look nice too 🙂

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