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The Top 7 Pizzerias in Newcastle

If you know me you know I love pizza. Today I am treating you to a  post inspired by Shine Media about the top 7 pizzerias in Newcastle.

The view along the Newcastle quayside at sunset

I love cooking, but sometimes after a long day, I just don’t feel like it! There’s nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to have a pizza night with the family. We like to make pizza night a special occasion by popping a movie on or playing some fun music and eating picnic-style in the living room. It’s a fantastic way to liven up the evening and energize your week with a little variety. Of course, you can’t have a successful pizza night without hot and tasty pizza! We’ve tried most of the pizza in Newcastle, and these are our favourites!

1. Pizzeria Francesca

This authentic Italian pizzeria brings the pizzazz (and the pizzas!) of Italy into the heart of Newcastle. This restaurant is owned and operated by an Italian family, so you know you’re getting the real deal! The pizzas are excellent and the portions are huge!

2. Pizzaholic

I didn’t think “pizzaholic” was a real word, but after tasting the pizza from this Newcastle pizzeria I’ve changed my mind! Pizzaholic delivers reasonably priced pizzas, garlic bread, and other Italian options along with burgers, chicken, and kebabs if you need a change of taste.

3. Manny’s Pizza Deli

Pizza from Mannys pizza deli Newcastle

Manny’s is a very trendy pizza place, as it features New York Style pizza and even American beer!  Just like in America, you can order your pizza by the pie or by the giant slice.  Take the family out to their chic, deli-style bar or order their gourmet pizza delivered straight to your door via Hungry House!

 4. Pizza Express

We love going to Pizza Express when we feel like going out for a pizza because the atmosphere is amazing.  The chefs all wear striped T-shirts and toss pizza dough high into the air before topping it and sliding it into the oven.  Just like the movies!

 5. Pizzeria Santanas

Pizzeria Santanas specialises in making real Italian pizza and delivering it hot and steaming to your door.  We love ordering from this local pizzeria when we need a quick, cheap meal because they have some of the best prices in the area.  They also have an excellent vegetarian special for any non-meat eaters in your family!

 6. Vincenzo’s

 Vincenzo’s arancini starter.

Vincenzo’s is a traditional Italian restaurant with no frills and gimmicks, just great pizza and Italian food.  Their authentic pizzas are a hit with my family and friends, and if you want to surprise the kids, order their arancini starter.  These fried risotto balls are to die for and they’re fun to eat, too! 

 7. The Herb Garden

This place is a bit fancier, so if you’re looking for some takeaway to impress the in-laws or to celebrate a special occasion, this is my top recommendation.  With ingredients like pecorino cheese, walnut, and bresaola, The Herb Garden is definitely some of the most interesting and best pizza in Newcastle.

Pizza isn’t just satisfying comfort food for a lazy evening; it’s also a great way to bond with your family and introduce a little spice into your routine.  Why not plan your next one for this evening!



  1. January 25, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    Pizzaholic is a great name! The Herb Garden sounds lovely too

    • January 26, 2017 / 9:10 am

      It is isn’t it. The Herb Garden also has a horse on roller skates in the door which is really unusual

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