Going back to school with NCC

September 13, 2016

Last week saw the start of a new school year for children all over the UK. A new term is always emotional for parents. Seeing your child start school for the first time or enter their final year are steps along their journey to adulthood.  Each school year brings new adventures, learning and new friends.  This year I am going back to school with NCC. The NCC offer a range of home learning courses. These allow you to study at your own pace and in your own time, essential when you work full time. The courses are all accredited and when you complete the course you get a certificate. The courses provide tutor support to help you on your journey.

NCC on line courses

As you get older your mental abilities can start to decline but learning a new skill helps to keep your mind active. Studies have shown that taking on a mentally challenging activity will help improve your memory. I love learning new things and often take on courses like the Wildlife Photography course.  I am hoping that by taking on a new course I will learn lots and keep my mind agile.

Going back to school with NCC

The first thing I had to do was choose a course. The NCC have a wide range of courses from A-levels and IGCSE’s to SkillsFirst and TQUK qualifications. Some of these will help you get started in a career. Maybe you fancy being a child minder or a healthcare worker, there are courses to help you do this. Other courses are interest courses like photography or Genealogy. There is bound to be something that appeals. The NCC have their own range of courses, called PI courses. These cover a wide range of areas from Special Education Needs to Forensic Science.

I am taking a course in Creative Writing and I am hoping it will improve my writing skills. Writing is something I have always loved since I was at school. It is a way to tell a story or describe a scene. When words are used correctly they can convey powerful emotions. How often have you been swept up in a book, keeping turning pages until you reach the end? Writing is something that should hold your attention and grip you. When reading a good book you should be able to see the story in your mind’s eye. I hope this course will help me to achieve this.

Creative Writing Diploma

The creative writing  course aims to help people the skills to write both factual and fictional accounts. It covers the different genres of writing and also the editing and creative process. The course contains fourteen modules in all. Although I have just started the course it looks to be well set out and easy to follow.  You can enter the course on-line at any point by just entering your credentials.

NCC online courses


The start  pages shows all the modules in the course. To go into a module just click on it.  The main page is always available to go back to at any point.  The course looks like it will be interesting and I am looking forward to learning more.  Even better at the end of the creative writing course I will get a Level 3 / NCFE Certificate.  This may be useful in the future.

ncc online courses


Have you ever done an on-line course? How did you get on? Let me know below.

I am being given access to the course without tutor support in order to review it. My opinions are my own.



4 responses to “Going back to school with NCC”

  1. They have some really interesting courses – I love the look of the family history one

  2. Galina V says:

    What a fab idea, Alison! Creative writing sounds wonderful. I’d love to do it, but not in the near future, don’t think I can commit to a year’s course.

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