Getting organised for the New Year

The end of the year has sneaked up on me. Normally by now I  have my diary and calender ready for next year. At the moment I haven’t even got round to buying them. With only a few days remaining I thought I had better get organised for the New Year. Fortunately the boxing day sales have begun. What better time to pick up a few bargains and begin planning for next year. I know that if I don’t get a diary soon the appointments that are written on scraps of paper will get lost and forgotten. I could have got the bus into town to have a look around but as it was a bit cold and windy thought I would have a look via LovetheSales, a site which pulls together sales from 500 retailers and puts them all on one place. They have a great selection, from fashion to home, garden, electronics and sports, so you can be sure you are finding a good deal.

Getting organised for the New Year

Calendars and diaries

I love starting a new diary and calendar, the blank pages waiting to be filled hold promise for the year ahead. They are invaluable in helping me keep track of my busy life. I can write down appointments, birthdays and keep track of other things I need to do. Without these lists to refer to there is no way I can remember everything I have to do. I like to have a calendar on my wall, on my desk at work and a diary in my handbag. From the comfort of my chair I found the following items to help me organise my year.

Animalia 2017 Desk Calendar

Animalia desk calendar 2017

This funky desk calendar features pictures of animals drawn by Charleston-based painter Teil Duncan. I think it is rather quirky and will look fabulous on my desk in the new year. It was reduced to half price and was £9.95. I think this will keep me smiling all year long as well as keeping me organised.

Radley Spell Check 2017 Diary

Radley spell check 2017 diary

A good diary needs to be able to fit into my handbag but also be large enough so I can see a week at a time. This Radley spell check 2017 diary does just this. The hard back cover will keep it safe whilst I carry it about and inside it has a week to view format. It is also quite compact. Whilst I don’t have a Radley handbag just yet, I do love their little dog who graces the cover. The spell check collection has playful illustrated lettering and colourful doodles making it a fun diary. This was £8.00 reduced from £12.00.


I love a good notebook, they are so useful for jotting things down in. I use them for writing out lists, blog post ideas, recipes and keeping track of events that I might want to go to. A good notebook is an essential I wouldn’t be without. I found two that I really like.

Hopes Dreams, Wishes Appliqué Notebook

Hopes Dreams Wishes notebook

This note book is perfect for jotting down thoughts, the name of the book says it all. I love the starry night sky on the cover.  For £5 (reduced from £10) I can keep my hopes and dreams alive for a full year.

Spel Yellow ombré notebook

Spel Yellow ombré notebook

If you are like me you will always end up with lots of receipts, leaflets and other bits and pieces cluttering up your bag. This is where this Spel Yellow ombré notebook comes in. As well as being a notebook with facing plain and lined pages for drawings and notes it has an integral ziplock pouch for keeping your clutter important documents in. To my mind this is genius and this notebook will get a lot of use. Reduced to £6 from £12 it is a real bargain. I am hoping to convert it into a bullet journal which looks to be a great way to keep track of everything in life.

Other Stationary

Rubber band ball

Rubber band ball

A rubber band ball for £2.95 reduced from £5, I couldn’t say no. I am always running short of rubber bands and never know where I have put them. This way I will always know where they are. Plus it reminds me of the world’s largest ball of twine in the classic video game, Sam and Max hit the road. If you have never played this you are missing out. It is one of those classic video games that still retains it’s original charm today.

Laundry Basket

Laundry basket

This is not stationary but this laundry basket will help with organisation this year. My current laundry basket is falling to bits and I need to replace it. If I don’t I may well disappear under the dirty laundry that will be dropped round the house by my son. This basket is a great size and will fit nicely on the stair landing. I love the way it resembles a snake charmers basket. I will have to get one of those snake charming pipes and see what happens. It is £120 reduced from £150 which is pricey but it should last well and do a good job.

These are my top picks for getting organised this year. What would be on your wishlist? Let me know below.




  1. December 28, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    What a lovely collection of stationery – the rubber ball band looks very therapeutic!

  2. December 7, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    New Year is a very important time for me to organized and make plans ahead, that is why I also purchase new calendars, notebooks and planners to make the writings and scheduling more organized and efficient. I love the items in this post and considering purchasing them too.

    • December 18, 2017 / 10:28 am

      It is always good to start a new year with new planners, it really helps get organised

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