Get Toned While Walking

June 27, 2012

Recently I have been looking at Reebok Easytone shoes. These apparently give your legs an extra workout and increase the muscle tone while you walk. They do this with a specially shaped sole which creates a slight instability making your muscles work more as you walk. Apparently it is a bit like walking on sand, you need to make that extra effort in order to walk the same distance. The shoes claim to work out your hamstrings, calves and the gluteus maximus which is a polite way of saying your bum! Anything that can reduce the size of my bum has got to be a good thing!

The Reebok Easytone shoes come in a variety of styles. Most of them are trainers but there are also some flip flops and a pair of boots. I was a bit spoiled for choice, I need some trainers but I am the sort of person who likes to wear flip flops when the opportunity arises so I was not sure which to get.

If I was going to pick a pair of trainers I think I would choose this pair, which are called Reebok Easytone Freestyle Hi MTL .

Reebok Easy ToneI like the fact that they are high tops so I can wear them with jeans or with running gear and they will look equally nice. The blue laces appealed to me, it makes them look a little bit more unusual and eye catching. The dark blue colour also means they will not show the dirt as much as a white pair would. I am not sure I would get that much use from them though as I do wear trainers that much.

I then found this pair called Reebok Easytone Faith.

Reebok EasytoneI liked these because they do not look like trainers and I could get away with wearing them to work with trousers. That idea appeals to me as I know when I am strolling around the office I will also be getting a work out. Having said that I think I am going to choose a pair of flip flops and I love this pair.

Reebok EasytoneThe fact they are black means I can wear them with everything and I can wear lots of different coloured nail polish on my toes without fear of it clashing with the shoe colour. I know for a fact that I will get a lot of use out of these, providing we get a few sunny days. They also look really well made and comfortable.

Now all I need to do is to find out if they actually do what they claim and tone your muscles. I am looking forward to finding out.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but I was not told what to write, my opinion is my own.

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