Get Fit with Davina’s 7 Minute Fit

February 20, 2015

I used to be pretty fit. I loved running and usually went for a run every morning with the dog. With the dark nights and mornings it got to be dangerous so recently the only exercise I have been getting is walking the dog. It is so easy to get out of the routine of exercising regularly and hard to get back into it again. Unfortunately when I stopped exercising I started to gain weight. This needs to stop. With the brighter mornings I am starting to feel motivated again, but before I start running I need to increase my fitness levels. Luckily Cash Generator sent me though a copy of Davina’s 7 Minute Fit to try out which seemed the perfect way to get started again.

Davina's 7 minute fit

Being a busy mum it is hard to fit an exercise DVD into my routine. I find that my son monopolises the TV and if I put an exercise DVD on he will sit there and tell me that I am doing it all wrong. I liked the idea of seven minute workouts, I can do them in the morning before he gets up and have enough time to get everything else ready. The DVD has ten seven minute workouts which concentrate on different things, and as you get fitter you can combine them to make a longer routine.

Ed, is Davina’s new personal trainer and he puts us though our paces in each of the routines. He comes across as a genuine person who knows a lot about fitness. Davina is enthusiastic, as always but does warn you when the exercise is likely to hurt. The exercises are simple boot camp style moves. They are really easy to get to grips with and you do not have to string them together into a complex routine. If you put the effort in you will soon find that you are breaking a sweat and getting a decent workout. I really like the way you can do as many sections as you like, combining the routines as you get fitter.

As well as the workouts there are plenty of extras, a look behind the scenes showing the training for the DVD and tutorials which demonstrate how you can achieve the perfect technique. These are worth a watch but you can easily get started on the exercises without them. There is also a fitness challenge which allows you to track your progress.

As far as exercise DVD’s go this one is quite enjoyable and I am starting to feel fitter since I have started using it. For me though I prefer running and am looking forward to getting outside in the warmer weather. It is always much nicer looking at a sunrise as you get fit.


I was sent the DVD in return for an honest review.

8 responses to “Get Fit with Davina’s 7 Minute Fit”

  1. I love Davina’s workouts. I like that she makes the most out of a small amount of time.

  2. tanya says:

    I’m going to have to try this. I’m currently living with my in-laws waiting for the new house to be built. So all my stuff including my elliptical is in storage. It is so easy to get our of routine I need something to do in the mean time.

  3. Looks good, I do like Davina – you can link this up on the Sunday weigh-in linkie from last week or tomorrow if you like, it covers fitness too 🙂

  4. Love this DVD, the 7 minute sessions are great for busy mums! 🙂
    Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

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