Geomag Police Review

August 13, 2012

GeoMag PoliceGeomag Police is a construction kit toy from Flair which is aimed at boys aged between 6 and 12. Most boys love construction sets and my son is no exception, he has loads of different construction type toys and loves playing with them. This set is a little bit different as it uses magnetic rods, chrome spheres and geometric panels to allow the construction of three different police vehicles. These are the Geomag Police Car, Geomag Police Truck and the Police Helicopter.

On opening the box we found the following contents:

Geomag PoliceThe panels for the cars were folded over and opened up into a much larger sheet containing all three vehicles. There was a separate bag with the wheels and the wheel connectors, another bag with the metal rods and chrome balls and finally an instruction sheet.

My son decided he was going to make the police truck first and took out the instructions. The first step was to pop the vehicle panels out of the sheet. The sheeting is coated with some sort of plastic and while it feels flimsy it is actually quite strong. It resisted my sons less than gentle touch and he was able to snap it out with out any damage. You then need to follow the instructions to bend the plastic shell into the right shape and slot it together in various places. The instructions were very hard to follow. There is a diagram showing the outline of the shape but it is not always clear which bits have to slot together. My son asked me for help and I struggled a little as well. We did however manage after a little bit of trial and error. This is the first part of the Police Truck, there is another bit that makes up the roof.

Geomag PoliceAt this point we decided to try and put the wheels on. The idea is simple, you place a blue plastic holder into the wheel which has a place to put one of the chrome balls. You connect the metal rod to the ball and then do the same on the other side so the wheels are held together. Obviously you need to place the rod into the body of the vehicle as well.

Geomag PoliceThis is where we ran into a problem, the Geomag Police Truck wheels would not stay on. It was almost as if the body of the vehicle needed to be a little bit smaller or the rod needed to be a little longer. Rather than give up we pressed on and decided to try the Geomag Police Car instead. This one worked perfectly and was slightly easier to build.

Geomag PoliceThe rod system works perfectly for the wheels when they fit on and they do not fall off when the car is being whizzed about. Finally we tried the Geomag helicopter and this was the final result.

Geomag PoliceThe great thing about the helicopter is that the police car can be attached to it. My son has had great fun playing with the helicopter and the car and there are plenty of other accessories, like cones, in the pack to add to the police chase play theme. Once the toys were made up my son got a lot of value from them, but it would be better if the instructions were a bit easier to follow. The toys can be de-constructed easily and put back in the box for ease of storage.

You can buy Geomag Police at Smyths Toys. The set I looked at was the Geomag Police Triple Pack (RRP £24.99) which contains the Police Truck, car and helicopter. You can also buy the Geomag Police Car (RRP £.9.99) and the Geomag Police Helicopter (RRP £8.99) seperately. There is also a twin pack with the Police helicopter and Police car (RRP £16.99)

Disclosure: I was sent the Geomag Police Car set for free to try out but this did not effect my opinions and my views are my own.

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