Fruity Carrot Noodles

February 14, 2017
Fruity Carrot Noodles

Fruity carrot noodles are a healthy mix of carrots, apricots and almonds in a tasty sauce. Serve in place of normal noodles with a stir fry to add a little zing.

Recently I have been trying out a spirializer and using it to create healthy meals. It is quite fun to feed fruit and vegetables into a spirializer and watch them turn into ribbons. The first thing I made with the spirializer was some carrot and apricot flapjacks. These were really tasty. When I made these I made far too many carrot noodles and had a load left over that I had to use. That evening I was making sesame chicken. I thought that some fruity carrot noodles would be perfect with this.

Fruity Carrot Noodles

Fruity Carrot Noodles

These fruity carrot noodles are simple to make and are an ideal side dish for the main meal. They would also be ideal as a salad for a light lunch. The carrot noodles (or should that be caroodles?) are a healthy option. If you are watching your weight these make the perfect side dish. They taste great as well as filling you up so you will not feel hungry later. The bright orange carrots also look lovely on the plate. It is almost like eating a plate full of sunshine.

To make these noodles all you need to do is to spirialize some carrots. If you don’t have a spirializer you could grate the carrot. It will not look as pretty but it will taste just as nice. Add some chopped dried apricots and flaked almonds into the carrots and mix well. To finish off the dish I make a dressing from a mix of Roots Collective Carrot Zing and some olive oil. Roots Collective are a range of vegetable blends that you can use as snacks or add to meals to make them tastier. You could also make a standard vinaigrette dressing which would work as well.
Fruity carrot noodles with roots collective carrot zing

Roots Collective Blends

Recently I was sent a selection of Roots Collective vegetable blends to try out. With the motto “We’re not a juice, we’re not a smoothie, we’re a blend” Roots Collective aim to get real vegetable goodness into everyone’s lives. These thick blends contain 80% real vegetables and fewer than 127 calories per bottle. They can be enjoyed hot or cold or used in cooking as a sauce or a soup. Drinking a bottle really fills you up and keeps hunger at bay. The high fibre content of the vegetables allows a slow release of nutrients into the blood stream. This keeps the blood sugar at a steady level.
Roots Collective Vegetable Blends

There are five different blends in the Roots Collective range. These are:

To create each drink whole vegetables and herbs are blended with vegetable juice and cold pressed which helps lock in goodness. High-pressure processing keeps the nutrient content high. Each of the bottles has a unique taste which is perfect for a snack. My favourite was the Garden Greens, the hint of mint was really refreshing. Different flavours will appeal to different people.

Roots Collective blends are available from RRP £2.95 per bottle

Fruity Carrot Noodles recipe

Fruity carrot noodles

Fruity carrot noodles


  • 2 carrots
  • 50 g apricots
  • 50 g raisins
  • 1 tbsp flaked almonds
  • ½ bottle Roots Collective Carrot Zing
  • 15 ml olive oil


  • Mix the olive oil and Carrot Zing in a small jug to make a sauce
  • Using a spiralizer turn the carrots into noodles
  • Chop the apricots into small pieces.
  • Mix the apricots, raisins and almonds into the noodles


Serve with a stir fry or alone as a salad

Why not pin the recipe to try later?

Fruity carrot noodles. A healthy and low calories side dish made with spiralized carrots mixed with apricots, raisins and almonds in a tangy sauce

Do you have any favourite recipes you make using a spiralizer? I would love to know, let me know below.

I was sent the Roots Collective blends to try out. My opinions are my own.

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  1. Galina V says:

    What a lovely refreshing salad! I love grated carrots in salads, and with apricots and almonds it surely is a healthy delicious meal.

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