Five tips for choosing the perfect work handbag

April 28, 2016

If there is one thing that you need in your work wardrobe it is a professional looking but functional work handbag. Recently I got a new work handbag. It can be hard picking the perfect work bag. When you go to work everyday you need to carry much more with you. You may have to transport documents home or carry a packed lunch. You may need take gadgets of some sort with you, a phone, tablet or laptop. As well as being able to carry everything you need the bag needs to be appropriate for different occasions. You may need to travel to meetings, network at a restaurant or just tackle public transport on the way home. Getting a bag that will go everywhere with you and that reflects your style can be hard. My choice was a satchel bag from House of Fraser. The Fiorelli Deacon medium black flap over tote bag ticked a number of boxes for me, it looks smart and is roomy with plenty of pouches inside for organisation.

Fiorelli Deacon medium black flap over tote bag

I think I made a good choice and this bag is already proving great for carrying everything I need for work backwards and forward. If you are thinking of getting a new bag for work, I put together a list of five tips for choosing the perfect work handbag to help you out.

Five tips for choosing the perfect work handbag

How will the bag be used

Think about the activities you do during a normal working day. Do you need to travel during the day and if so do you use public transport or a car? Do you need to attend lots of meetings or will the bag just be sat on a desk at work. How much do you need to carry with you? Do you need somewhere secure for your gadgets or just enough room for your purse. It is worth investing in a leather bag as these are more durable and look smart.

How will you carry the bag

If you are carrying a heavy bag backwards and forwards every day it needs to be comfortable. Think about the straps. If you are on public transport a lot you may prefer a shoulder strap you can place across your body. You may want to have two straps so you can carry the bag in your hand or over your shoulder. You may wish to try a few different styles until you find a strap that will feel comfortable for a long distance.

What do you need to organise

What do you need to carry with you on a daily basis. Will your bag need to hold  documents or carry gadgets discretely. Do you need a safe place to keep your keys and phone so you can get to them easily. I like a bag that contains lots of compartment which are secure. It is much easier to be organised when you know which section of your bag to look in to find something.


What size bag do you need

Do you need a large bag or a small bag? If you carry A4 documents on a regular basis will they fit in the bag? Do you need the bag to have structure so documents don’t get crushed or is it fine if the bag is slouchy. Think about what you carry to work every day and this should give you an indication of how large your bag needs to be.

Think  about the colour

You will be using the bag every day so think about the outfits you will wear it with. Do you want a bag that makes a colour statement to add some expression to your working outfit? Red or burgundy can be a good choice, as long as it does not clash with your normal working outfit. For a more classic look that will work with everything then black or tan are good choices of colour.


If you are looking for a bag for a special occasion you might want to read my tips for choosing the perfect handbag. What do you look for in a work handbag? Do you have any other tips you can add to my five tips for choosing the perfect work handbag? Do let me know below.

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