Five DIY Locker Storage and Decoration Ideas

February 24, 2016
Use stickers to personalise a school locker

These five DIY locker storage and decoration ideas will let you stamp your personality on your locker whilst making it as functional as possible.

When I was at school I had a locker for storing my text books and exercise books. This was incredibly useful as I had so many heavy text books I would have ended up like the hunchback of Notre Dame if I had to carry them around all day.

Not only was a locker a great place to store things, it was a place to personalise and add a touch of your personality. Lots of school lockers had pictures of pop stars, stickers and other little personal touches which made them your own. They were transformed from a functional metal box into a statement. Every inch of the space was utilised to ensure you could fit as much as possible inside.

Recently Action Storage got in touch and asked me if I could come up with some DIY locker storage and decoration ideas.  To help me with the task they sent me one of their school lockers in blue, much to my son’s delight.

Five DIY locker decoration and storage ideas

Although there were actually two lockers as part of the unit I only needed to create storage hacks for the top half, the bottom half makes a great storage place for trainers! The blue colour fitted in perfectly with the colour of my son’s room.

School locker before decoration

Inside the locker there is not that much space, and the door is shaped. I wanted to stick a timetable on the inside of the door but the shape made this a little difficult. I had to come up with some other ideas for locker storage and decoration.

Inside school locker

Five DIY Locker Storage and Decoration Ideas

Use stickers to personalise the locker

As the locker and the room were blue I decided that a nautical theme would be nice for the locker. I found a set of nautical themed stickers in HobbyCraft and used them on the door. This made the locker look a bit more personal. In school these could be used inside the door or round the edges of the inside of the locker to make it your own.

Use stickers to personalise a school locker

Add a hook inside the door

My son is always losing his keys so I provided a useful hook for keeping them on. This was just one of those plastic hooks with a sticky back added to the inside of the locker. To make it a bit more eye catching I added a colourful button to the hook with glue.

A useful hook added inside a school locker for storing keys

Add bulldog clips with magnetic tape

It is always useful to have a pen at hand, you never know when you need to make note of a phone number or an appointment. I added some bulldog clips inside the locker door, using some magnetic tape. I added the tape to one side, the sticky bit holds the clip and the magnet sticks it to the door. I used the bulldog clips to hold pens but they would also be useful to hold other items.

using bulldog clips for school locker storage

I also stuck some post it notes inside the door as they would come in handy for jotting down notes to enable you to remember things, like bring your PE kit tomorrow.

Add a mirror

At school you need to know you are looking good so having a mirror inside your locker is a great way to do this. I got a round mirror and added a card backing. This was then stuck inside the locker with magnetic tape. It can be removed easily when you need to check your hair.

Add a mirror to a school locker

Personalise a pencil case

You can never have enough pens and pencils when you are at school but you need something to keep them in. I updated a plain blue pencil case with nautical stickers and some blue braiding to continue the nautical theme. This is ideal for keeping the pens and pencils in one place in your locker and can also be taken to class when you need it.

Personalise a pencil case

I also added a notebook for jotting down ideas and making notes in class. I loved the title on this notebook, it is perfect for random ideas.


Do you have any great storage ideas for school lockers?

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  1. We need some of these in our shed. It’s an absolute mess at the moment!

  2. Bella says:

    These are really excellent tips and advice on DIY locker storage and decoration ideas. Lockers are one of the best solutions for keeping your valuable stuffs safe and secure.

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