Feeding a useless guard dog

October 20, 2015

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I own a dog, a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. He has a lovely nature, really warm and loving. There is nothing he likes better than to snuggle up to you and be stroked. He loves his walks, racing downstairs in the morning and jumping up and down until you put his lead on and let him out. Once let off the lead he will stroll around exploring. If he spots a bird or a rabbit he will take off after them at high speed, but still hasn’t worked out where they disappear to. If he caught one I think he would be so surprised he would drop it. Eddie’s favourite game is catch me if you can. He will wait until you are not looking then sneak up behind you and tag you with his feet. He will then run off at great speed waiting for you to give chase. He loves this and will often play in the house, running round and round the coffee table. One thing Eddie will never be is a guard dog. He is a useless guard dog. We can enter the house and he will just lie there fast asleep without realising. If strangers come into the house he runs to greet them, wagging his tail.

A useless guard dogThere are only two times when he has not been a useless guard dog. The first time was last year. It was a dark winters night and we were watching television in bed upstairs with the dog. All of a sudden he flew down the stairs and began barking. I went downstairs to find a police woman and man in the house. A neighbour had thought they seen a torch in the house and called the police. I had stupidly left the front door unlocked. The police had a good look around and luckily it was a false alarm. I have never left the front door unlocked since. The second time was a couple of nights ago. I had let Eddie out into the garden before bed time and he suddenly started barking and growling and circling a certain spot on the lawn. He would not come in no matter how much I shouted his name and rattled his box of treats. I could not see what he was barking as it was pitch black. I went and got a torch and found he was circling round a hedgehog that had curled up into a ball. I managed to get him in and put some food out for the hedgehog, but it preferred to make a quick getaway. I knew we had hedgehogs in the area as I have rescued one before but had never seen one in the garden.

Eddie's job

It is hard work being a dog. I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and picked up some dog food in order to feed my useless guard dog. Eddie is very fussy about his food, he sometimes will not for a few days and then will eat a lot. I like to get him treats to tempt him and dog food that I know he will like. It was easy to find what I was looking for in the dog food aisle, I picked up some Misfits treats and Cesar dog food from the Mars pet food range. I knew he would enjoy both of these.

Sainsbury's dog foodWhen I got home I couldn’t resist giving Eddie a treat. He has a way of looking at you with his big eyes that make it impossible to say no. I gave him a Misfits Wonky Chomp which got very rapidly demolished.Eating a misfits chewMisfits dog chewWhilst Eddie may be a useless guard dog he is a much loved member of the family. It is lovely to start the day to a wagging tail and a happy greeting. I do my best to feed him well and keep him healthy. Hopefully we will have many years together.

Have a look at the other pet products in the Mars range. Do you have a pet? I would love to know what you feed them.

4 responses to “Feeding a useless guard dog”

  1. Eddie is such a cutie, he looks a happy & contented fellow. Love it that he’s a useless guard dog but when it came down to it he heard the police downstairs. Our Manchester terrier is a reluctant guard dog, we recently lost her mum who was always on guard so now Tess has a little bark & runs off to her bed when we have strangers come to the door. We don’t get a big range of dog treats here in France so I’m looking forward to picking up some wonky chomps on my next visit to the UK.

    • He really is a lovely little dog, we love him to bits. I was really surprised he did hear the police and well before us. I love that your dog does a little bark and then runs off to bed. It is funny how they all have their own personalities

  2. Awwwh, what a cute dog.
    We don’t have dogs, but we have 2 cats and they are pretty good guard cats, although if someone had treats they would just give in.

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