February In The Rising Sun Country Park

March 2, 2012

In January I started doing a series of photos in the Rising Sun Country Park. The idea was to document the changes in season as the year goes by. I live near to the park and it is where I walk my dog so it is easy enough to do photos there.  Recently I have become aware of proposals to build on the farmers fields next to the park, I do hope this doesn’t happen as it is a lovely walk at the moment. It is so nice to have a little bit of green nearby.

February has been a strange month. The days are definitely getting longer and it is nice to be able to walk the dog in daylight before the mad rush to get to work. We have had real contrasts in weather this month. The month started with really cold days and we even had our first snow fall of the year. Luckily it was nothing like the amounts of snow we got last year.

This is the tree on the way to the park with my son and dog in the shot. The dog had never seen snow before and was not quite sure what to make of it. You can see we only got a sprinkling of snow which did not last that long as it was a lovely day.

View across fields near Rising Sun Country Park

If we look across the farmers fields we can see the snow and the tractor tracks. Nothing exciting has started happening in the field yet, I am hoping that next month we might see things being planted. One interesting thing did happen however, a digger had appeared and started digging a big ditch next to the field.

Fields on the way to the Rising Sun Country Park

The photo was taken on my phone so it is not as good quality but it shows you what was going on. The digger has now gone but left the big trench there. I am not entirely sure what it is for, unless it is for draining the field.

The final shot is of the little stream at the end of the fields. This was frozen again but this time the banks are also snowy.

The end of the month of February has been really warm and you can tell it is spring as daffodils are starting to appear.  I am looking forward to seeing what changes happen during March.

If you want to see my photos from January you can see them here:

Rising Sun Country Park in January

One response to “February In The Rising Sun Country Park”

  1. I feel like I’ve been on a countryside ramble with you! Lovely photos and the snow does make everything look pretty doesn’t it. Cold, but pretty! I do hope they don’t build on that field, there’s enough houses in disrepair these days. I’m sure they should focus on updating those rather than building new ones. They’re mad for building around here and it’s destroying the countryside. Anyway, lovely post! :O)

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