Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat and Giveaway

May 23, 2017
Fathers Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat

Stuck for a Father’s Day gift? Why not put a smile on your dad’s face and celebrate Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat?

Did you know Father’s Day is nearly here? It normally falls on the third Sunday of June and this year it’s June 18th. Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the impact that fathers have on our everyday lives. It is easy to forget how much our dad’s do for us. From acting as a taxi driver, doing DIY and offering advice, fathers are an important part of our lives. I know my dad will always be there if I need him and my son knows the same about his dad. Father’s Day is a chance to say thank you for being my dad.

One of the main problems with men is it is hard to know what they want. They are bad at dropping hints for things they like. There are only so many pairs of socks you can get as a present. Fortunately Hotel Chocolat have come to the rescue with their selection of chocolates for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat

Fathers Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat

I am a big fan of Hotel Chocolat products. The gorgeous packaging screams luxury and you know before you open the box you are holding something special. Opening the box does not disappoint either, Hotel Chocolat do a great selection of different chocolate recipes. There are choices for milk, dark and white chocolate lovers. I was lucky enough to get a box of Hotel Chocolat for Mother’s Day.

Fortunately Hotel Chocolat also have  a great selection of Father’s Day gifts.  These are sure to put a smile on the face of your Dad. From pocket money prices to the more expensive boxes there is a gift to suit every father. As well as chocolate you can even get Cocoa Beer, an ale with overtones of chocolate. This can be bought separately or as part of a chocolate hamper. I think this is a really unusual idea.

The Father’s Day Sleekster

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Sleekster

This year my son is treating his dad to the Father’s Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat. This gorgeous blue box contains 27 of the finest recipes from Hotel Chocolat. There is a selection of milk, white, caramel and dark chocolates with fruity, boozy and dessert style chocolates. It will be a lovely surprise for my husband and I know he will love them. The only problem he will have is deciding which chocolate to eat first.

Father's Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat

Some of these chocolates are almost too pretty to eat. The peanut praline and the eton mess in particular are like mini works of art. Pretty as they are I am sure they will not last long. The box makes it clear the chocolates are his as well, with Happy Father’s Day written across it.

Hotel Chocolat Father’s Day Sleekster Giveaway

How would you like to win a Hotel Chocolat Father’s Day Sleekster for your Dad or to simply eat yourself? The lovely people at Hotel Chocolat have given me a box to give to one of my lucky readers. To enter simply comment below letting me know what gifts you get your dad for Father’s Day. I am always in search of inspiration. When you have done that come back and fill in the rafflecopter so your entry is registered. This is the only mandatory entry. There are other entries available for subscribing by email, following on twitter and instagram, tweeting a message and visiting facebook but these are optional. Good luck!

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300 responses to “Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat and Giveaway”

  1. melanie stirling says:

    I usually buy my dad chocolate covered nuts and turkish delight or some other of his other favourite chocolates.

  2. Andrea Caizley says:

    We, my son, daughter and I like to make they`re dad a hamper with little bits in he likes, especially chocolate and jim jams.

  3. kim jackson says:

    I usually buy my dad hotel chocolate pebbles or a sleekster. Sometimes also fudge or turkish delight

  4. Alica says:

    My Dad always asked for new socks and handkerchiefs! I miss buying his gifts since he passed x My father in law likes his chocolate and beers 🙂

  5. iain maciver says:

    chocolate, maybe a wee gadget or two

  6. Tania Atfield says:

    Normally dark chocolate for my dad

  7. Tracy Nixon says:

    I usually buy my dad something related to golf, socks or slippers!

  8. Rachel Craig says:

    Unfortunately my own Dad died when I was a child, as were my siblings. One of my Brothers was Delighted when he would receive a gift for Fathers Day. I can recall last year his daughter bringing him a gift from his one and only grandchild, a Grandson. She brought the gifts to my Mum’s as we were there visiting my Mum. That brother was close to my Mum, unfortunately he died a few months ago. I have an older brother who has grown-up step-children from a marriage which unfortunately ended in divorce.

    My fiancé is kind and Caring. He has been accepted by my family. My Mum and sister being particularly fond of him. I think this year we will try to acknowledge the kind and Caring aspect of Fathers. As we fondly remember my deceased brother, who was kind and Caring in Nature as he grew up within our family. He is now resting in peace alongside our Dad and Aunt (our Dad’s sister) who loved him much and he loved them. I will remember the Sharing and Caring that has been expressed throughout the family. Whilst we acknowledge the male aspects within the family, my older brother now in Caring role for my Mum. We adapt as we must. We continue to love and plan to Celebrate Fathers Day, thinking of all Dads and children on the Special, Important Occasion.

  9. Harline parkin says:

    We taking him to the Peak District weather permitting then followed by a pub lunch he loves walking we have bought him some walking poles this year

  10. William G says:

    We normally buy him a book about cricket and some mints, but last year sent him a Walkers Shortbread hamper as we were away for Fathers Day!

  11. Kim M says:

    My Dad used to love Jelly Babies x

  12. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My dad will be getting a canvas of his great grandchildren

  13. Lisa Pope says:

    The girls & I will be getting their Dad quite a few bits & bobs definitely something geeky & lots of sweets, probably socks too

  14. Jo Hutchinson says:

    A yummy selection of chocolates, I know who I get my sweet tooth from.

  15. Philippa Bradbury says:

    Chocolates always go down well with my dad!

  16. Kim Carberry says:

    My dad always gets a mug and some new slippers.

  17. paual cheadle says:

    the kids usually go shopping and choose what they want, I don’t know what they got untill my hubby opens his gifts

  18. kev banham says:

    aftershave , you cant go wrong

  19. Joanne Beale says:

    He loves Chocolate Brazil Nuts and a good bottle of red wine

  20. Angela Treadway says:

    usually polo shirts or car bits x

  21. pete c says:

    magazine subscription or something for his garage

  22. Tracey Peach says:

    I usually get him some CD’s which he loves

  23. Bracken Harrowby says:

    Buying chocolate is not just for Fathers’ Day but for Everyone In The Family Day!

  24. Hannah Scudder says:

    Well my father is sadly no longer here but I do sort father’s day gifts for my partner, my son’s dad. Usually I will get him some chocolates and my son will choose him a gift.

  25. Alexandra oliver says:

    nothing- my mom is a better dad!!

  26. Anthony Harrington says:

    usually cologne and talc sets and some books

  27. laura banks says:

    i usually get my dad chocolates or alcohol

  28. Kim Neville says:

    My dad likes aftershave and some Guinness

  29. Laura Todd says:

    I usually get gift cards so he can choose for himself

  30. Claire C says:

    My dad loves Whiskey as a fathers day treat

  31. Amy Bee says:

    Usually something nice to eat or drink!

  32. Hali Kinson says:

    We usually buy socks mug and some other nicely gifts!

  33. Alison Macdonald says:

    Usually beer or book token

  34. Tee simpson says:

    I normally get him socks and slippers

  35. Lorna Ledger says:

    A few pennies for a new top x

  36. Alison Johnson says:

    I usually get my Dad a book on one of his interests – JFK, World War 2 or Golf

  37. Solange says:

    Socks, aftershave or alcohol.

  38. MARK THOMAS says:

    Aftershave , toiletries , or a meal out .

  39. Bridget Rayner says:

    My boys give their Dad chocolates and they help me make breakfast

  40. Sue McCarthy says:

    Now that my Dad is older I never know what to get him, he doesn’t really need anything, so I give him money.

  41. Laura Jeffs says:

    I normally buy him toilettries , but this year I’m gonna get him chocolates 😉

  42. This year I’ve got a mug from Snapfish with the grandkiddies on it. Lovely. plus an i-phone

  43. Sheena Batey says:

    I used to get him Liquorice Allsorts he loved them.

  44. charlotte says:

    i get him something different every year but its always tradition to get him some sweets!

  45. Barbara Webster says:

    I usually get my Father a shirt, tie and a bottle of whisky.

  46. cheryl hadfield says:

    I usually buy my dad things for his garden

  47. clair downham says:

    beer and chocolate

  48. Katie Skeoch says:

    Whisky usually! He likes some branded bottles to celebrate!

  49. kim plant says:

    socks lol x

  50. Graham Ross says:

    Dark mint chocolate and a Fathers day card

  51. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I always buy my dad a bottle of whisky and socks! lol 🙂 he would absolutely love these chocolates yum! (I hope he would share)

  52. aj says:

    last year I got him a gorgeous Remembrance Day plaque that he loved and a Yorkshire Rose pin badge.

  53. Stevie says:

    My dad loves to get his mars bar every fathers day.

  54. Alice Dixon says:

    I don’t see my own dad but I help my boys pick presents for their own daddy, usually sweeties and chocolate

  55. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Chocolate and books.

  56. Kristyn Harris says:

    I normally get my father some chocolate and a bottle of whisky for Fathers Day

  57. Sam R says:

    I usually do a hamper filled with goodies such as chocolate and deodorant etc x

  58. Judith Allen says:

    Never made a thing of fathers’ day, always seemed a made up day invented for retailers. But I’ll probably give him some chocolates this year, he’s having a touch time at the moment. So coffee and cake here, and choccies to take home.

  59. frances hopkins says:

    I lost my dad 2 years ago in August, so unfortunately he will getting flowers put on his grave 🙁

  60. Kelly Wells says:

    I get my dad either chocolate or a new record

  61. Katie Wood says:

    A new shirt!

  62. Iris W says:

    I don’t buy him anything because my dad doesn’t even know fathers day exists. I grew up in Switzerland and until I moved to England I never heard of fathers day, so I think my dad would be quite surprised if I sent him something saying it for fathers day. My daughters usually get their dad some chocolate & wine gums

  63. Angie McDonald says:

    I usually try to get him something he can experience – gig tickets or animal experiences

  64. Lisal Evans says:

    Maybe wine and a meal out usually for my dad. My kids get their dad a mug or keyring with chocolates or ale!!

  65. Simon LC says:

    Usually socks or something for the garden

  66. Yvonne says:

    A good bottle of malt whisky

  67. Mariel Pereira says:

    A walker this Fathers Day

  68. Nicola W says:

    I usual buy my Dad DVDs, smellies or alcohol.

  69. Emily Hallett says:

    My dad died 11 years ago, but I used to get him his favourite bottle of whiskey

  70. susan hoggett says:

    He’s so hard to buy for so I usually get him a t-shirt or just some money

  71. Becky John says:

    Usually a book, a bottle of wine and some aftershave.

  72. stuart hargreaves says:


  73. Ellie Wood says:

    Some chocolates and selection of craft beers

  74. rebecca h says:

    my Dad loves football, books and vinyls not in that order! last year I got him a book token for his kindle and a couple of vinyls. it’s nice we share similar music taste.
    I love spoiling him!

  75. Tracey Ryder says:

    he loves chocolate and some cans of beer

  76. jodie beaumont says:

    photos of our daughter and some chocolate!

  77. Sharon Worsley says:

    usually alcohol of some form

  78. Barbara Knight says:

    We tend to buy some of his favourite food and drink items.

  79. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Some beers usually

  80. Mark Johnson says:

    A bottle of wine

  81. Vicky H says:

    Liquorice Allsorts as he loves them ginger beer and some chocolate.

  82. Zoe C says:

    My dad really dislikes me buying him something for Father’s Day so the kids always give him a Grandad card and make a handmade gift

  83. Leanne Gidlow says:

    I get so stuck with fathers day! It’s usually the typical socks or aftershave if I’m honest! But everyone loves chocolate right!?

  84. Holly Gibson says:

    I tend to get him beer, that makes him very happy

  85. Helen W says:

    I usually get him fishing stuff as that’s his main hobby.

  86. amy bondoc says:

    i usually buy an experience day, or take him out to the cinema or for a meal

  87. Clare Hubbard says:

    Probably a DVD, it’s always a fail safe!

  88. Jane Willis says:

    My own father is no longer with us, but I nearly always got him books. My husband usually gets gardening goodies from our children

  89. Fiona K says:

    A meal out and some choccies

  90. MM says:

    A bootle of whisky

  91. Eleanor Holmes says:

    Socks, xbox points and his favourite chocolates! 🙂

  92. Jo Carroll says:

    I usually buy my Dad aftershave/Balm/shaving stuff for Father’s Day. I think it must be years since he bought some himself 😉

  93. Donna S says:

    a gift card which he can spend at a garden centre 🙂

  94. Fozia Akhtar says:


  95. Aidan Clark says:

    I try to get him a fossil of some sort, to add to his collection.

  96. Emily Knight says:

    I don’t generally get him anything…he’s not a fan of father’s day!

  97. Heather T says:

    I normally just get my Dad a card – boring I know!

  98. Janet Dring says:

    A nice bottle of wine


    A new tie as he wants one and he loves Aramis too !

  100. sam macaree says:

    i usually get him chocolate as he doesn’t like ‘things’

  101. Brian Stabler says:

    I usually get my dad a box of chocolate biscuits and a puzzle book or two. He likes the simple things.

  102. Louise A says:

    These days he is quite content to have a nice pub lunch and a packet of his favourite wine gums

  103. Felicity Kelly says:

    Good old mix of nibbles, drink, socks and maybe a cd for my dad!

  104. Marc H says:

    This year i have got him a few books and some chocolate, nothing too exciting but it’s stuff he likes.

  105. Hannah Ingham says:

    Usually some chocolate or some new handkerchiefs!

  106. Sarah Cooper says:

    My father is no longer alive but for my husband we usually get some chocolates and comic books.

  107. Debbie Gilbert says:

    Always chocolate, he has a very sweet tooth

  108. Clare H says:

    something homemade

  109. Clare H says:

    something homemade is always appreciated

  110. tamsin says:


  111. Erin Madden says:

    itunes vouchers and lush sets!

  112. simon tutthill says:

    My dad loves war documentaries and science fiction films

  113. Emma Rawlinson says:

    Usually a new tie and some bits for golf

  114. LAURA MILTON says:


  115. Leanne V McKenna says:

    I always give him some chocolate and his favourite vodka.

  116. Maria Blythin says:

    the usual smellies slippers and socks x

  117. Soph H says:

    Socks and an amazon voucher always go down well

  118. Kasen says:

    Fancy chocs might be the solution this year – my dad’s confounded my usual plan of pub food and night out by giving up the drink! I’m drawing a blank with books and he can buy his own gadgets, (weirdly specific) socks and face creams etc so I’m a bit uninspired. …Yep, chocs it is and an IOU for a night out whenever he wants to call it in in the future, I think.
    I might end up hovering to see if i get offered the Eton mess chocolate, too.

  119. Rich Tyler says:

    Normally a photo mug, or aftershave 🙂

  120. Kathy B says:

    I’ve bought a personalised pint glass, personalised Dad socks, and my Dad loves chocolate covered raisins so they’re always a winner!

  121. Louise Smith says:

    Aftershave and single malt whisky

  122. Melissa Lee says:

    Socks and chocolates!

  123. Kev C says:

    I’ve bought him a watch 🙂

  124. Liam Bishop says:

    Normally a nice bottle of Whiskey.

  125. Emily Clark says:

    We usually get him a book. He’s almost got a whole library now!

  126. Jade Hewlett says:

    My dads never been in my life so I buy my grandad chocolates instead as he’s always been a father to me.

  127. Eleanor Beavan says:

    I usually buy my dad memorabilia such as Elvis and Frank Sinatra products or the products from the programmes he likes.

  128. Sarah Nagle says:

    I used to buy my dad whiskey. It was his favourite tipple.

  129. Joan Apperley says:


  130. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    i usually try and buy tools or DIY stuff

  131. KK says:

    I live in a different country from my Dad.
    Unfortunately, this means I’m limited to giving things to him that I can have sent to him.
    Usually, I send him coffee and tea pods or Amazon gift cards.

  132. Tasha says:

    I usually buy a joke gift to make my dad laugh but sure he would love chocolates

  133. Mel Turner says:

    Chocolate of course

  134. Tom says:

    Normally whiskey or a model kit.

  135. Zoe Payne says:

    chocolate and beer

  136. Kathleen marsden says:

    Unfortunately my dad has passed but our children always club together to buy their dad a weekend away for him and me so I’m a winner too.

  137. mari sutherland says:

    since my Dad retired he has taken up carpentry so I usually get him a new tool

  138. Claire C says:

    My dad appreciates a good whiskey for Father’s Day

  139. kRIS says:

    some expensive rum !

  140. Sheila Reeves says:

    I usually get him dark chocolate or some red wine

  141. Family says:

    If I ask him for any requests he usually says ‘pencils’ because he doesn’t want me to spend any money and he uses them when he’s tinkering around in his workshop but I generally go with beer or cheese!

  142. Mark R says:

    Take him for a meal out and present of a model or a jigsaw

  143. Helen Adams says:

    MY dad has a great sense of humour so usually something that makes him laugh

  144. Natalie Thomason says:

    Sometimes chocolates

  145. claire woods says:

    Usually chocolate. Sometimes I might buy a Father’s Day item if something catches my eye.

  146. Emily OMara says:

    a box of chocss

  147. jo liddement says:

    My dad passed on when i was young but my son and i treat my husband to some chocolate and my son makes him a card at primary school.

  148. Jeanette says:

    I used to buy my dad aftershave and sometimes he asked for a new chamois leather for his car.

  149. Lisa Parker says:

    I usually get my dad what he asks for as I rather get him something that he needs and will use and enjoy x

  150. Carole E says:

    Usually chocolates

  151. John Tingay says:

    It’s usually a bottle of whisky – he tends to finish the one from Christmas around father’s day.

  152. Steve Dickinson says:

    A couple of good bottles of wine

  153. Emma Slevin says:

    What a lovely prize. I get my dad malt whiskey for fathers day – its always a sure fire winner. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win. 🙂

  154. Hekna says:

    I used to get my Dad one of his favourite treats.

  155. Vicki D says:

    My dad is a thrill seeker so I usually take him to the rally and go-karting track

  156. Zoe trelfa-porter says:

    I try and get something practical or train related x

  157. Marianne Daniels says:

    My dad loved those sweets that look like orange slices, and the raspberries, and peach haribo rings. Or a vanilla milkshake.

  158. Angela Kelly says:

    My Dad is really hard to buy for so I made him make a wishlist on Amazon. It’s usually full of weird things which I have no clue about.

  159. Lorraine Kirk says:

    My Dad’s a sucker for wine gums so he always gets those whatever else he gets.

  160. Ruth Harwood says:

    I’ve got him some railway books, but would love chocs to go with them!!

  161. maureen findley says:

    my dad loves his milk chocolate

  162. katrina walsh says:

    Always a mug and some chocolate x x x

  163. Sarah Rees says:

    Last year I got him some red wine and a cheese selection

  164. Andi Gurney says:

    My children are getting their Dad a DVD and some toffee this year and maybe a trip to the cinema

  165. Lee Ritson says:

    I usually get him some whiskey and aftershave

  166. k dunn says:

    We usually get him an experience as he loves trying new things! last year we got him a voucher for a cookery school which he loved

  167. Jan Beal says:

    I usually buy chocolates and some cologne

  168. Christina Palmer says:

    Usually something to do with Newcastle United football club as he is a lifelong supporter

  169. Whiskey, I always buy my dad a bottle of whiskey x

  170. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I will get him some chocolates and a book

  171. Victoria Morris says:

    There’s always a new total war game or similar out so he gets the new one every year 🙂

  172. Simon Tinsley says:

    He usually gets some whiskey

  173. leanne weir says:

    The usual smellies and whisky

  174. Rebecca Lis says:

    We always try and make something handmade 🙂

  175. Fiona says:

    Real Ale

  176. Rai says:

    None, my dads not here anymore, but he was always partial to a nice chocolate. Thanks

  177. nicky pearce says:

    I usually buy my dad chocolate

  178. claire griffiths says:

    i usually get him some chocolate and some bottles of real ale

  179. Natalie Baskerville says:

    I don’t get my dad because he’s a scumbag but I usually get my husband obligatory socks (usually star wars or other theme), food he likes and a novelty item. Last year I got him a bakers days cake.

  180. Karen hutchinson says:

    I used to buy him old spice aftershave and a shirt and tie – sadly no longer with us xx

  181. Natalie Turner says:

    I always take my dad out for a family meal 🙂

  182. Maxine G says:

    I usually just get him a card and then take him to the pub for a beer and a slap up lunch – he seems to always enjoy this!

  183. Laura Whittle says:

    I usually do some homemade goodies for my Stepdad and Grandads x

  184. Veronica L says:

    We usually pick out a favorite book that he loves to read about it

  185. Ian Campbell says:

    Plenty of white chocolate and Turkish Delight – his childhood favourites! 🙂

  186. jules eley says:

    I normally get him a razor and chocolates

  187. Pam Smith says:

    Usually a good bottle of wine

  188. elaine stokes says:

    he tells me not to bother, so we take him out for a big sunday lunch

  189. Joanna Ford says:

    My dad loves metal detecting so I tend to get him books about this!

  190. Caroline Signey says:

    Chocolate and whiskey

  191. Mandy Betts says:

    Normally a nice bottle of brandy

  192. Hazel Rea says:

    For my husband we always have a present from each of the children and from me – so a book, a bottle of wine, a t-shirt etc. I also do a special meal on Father’s Day. (My Dad died some years ago.)

  193. sheri Darby says:

    Usually sweets or chocolates

  194. Laura Muir says:

    I usually get him a bottle of wine or his favourite spirit and a good book and a big toblerone and that’s his day made!

  195. JULIE WARD says:

    Usually some creamy fudge or mint chocolate creams

  196. jenna rothen says:

    tickets for motorbikes racing

  197. Kelly Hanson says:

    Usually imported ales and an Amazon voucher.

  198. Lindy Hine says:

    My Dad in Law is 94 and has Alzheimers but he still enjoys chocolate and cakes so we get him a selection of all his chocolate and cakey goodies

  199. Simone Griffin says:

    Something the kids have handmade for him

  200. greig spencer says:

    i get him beer and chocolates

  201. Allison Sherwood says:

    Usually chocolate and aftershave

  202. Amy Jane Beckett says:

    Iam treated my dad to a slap up meal in Leeds

  203. Holly says:

    Bought him a personalised cook book this year!!

  204. carol boffey says:


  205. Laura Marshall says:

    I usually make up a gift bag and it fill it with chocolates, beer and other silly little knick knacks he might enjoy- pound shops are great for these bits!

  206. Bethany Eastham says:

    My dad hasn’t been the best dad so i will be getting my grandad something instead, possibly a pint and a meal out to celebrate!

  207. Faye Reed says:

    Usually a bottle of whiskey and some slippers.

  208. carole n says:

    A card and some chocolate

  209. Jennifer Wlodyka says:

    Usually a book

  210. Jane Adair says:

    My Dad normally gets wine and sweets

  211. Samantha Atherton says:

    sweets and socks

  212. Amanda Richardson says:

    Don’t very often buy presents for him, usually try and get all the family together for a big sunday lunch to celebrate

  213. Patricia Avery says:

    My own Dad died many years ago but I would love to win these for my chocoholic OH, a great Dad, Grandad and hubby. Chocolate is his favourite present 🙂

  214. Jessica Hutton says:

    Usually some wine and chocolates xx

  215. Amy Dacre says:

    I usually get him something for his horse or some clothes

  216. Victoria Prince says:

    My dad absolutely loves crystallised ginger, so I usually get him a couple of bags of that!

  217. AnnaSSS says:

    Whiskey and chocolates.Every year!

  218. Elizabeth Smith says:

    For the past few years my parents have been on holiday for Father’s Day so I’ve packed up some good books and magazines which I think he’d enjoy

  219. Allan Wilson says:

    It’s not soemething we have ever done. My mother comes from a large frugal family so only Birthdays and Christmas were gift occasions.

  220. Rebecca Powell says:

    Usually clothes or books

  221. Red wine and a book! 🙂

  222. Marrian says:

    I normally get him vouchers because he doesn’t know what he wants.

  223. Leona Fisher says:

    Usually whisky and then some cash in a card. My Dad is fussy to buy for!

  224. Sandra Jo Siddall says:

    I like to buy my Dad something different and unusual so this year I have bought him a Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Construction Kit and a Name A Star Gift Box so I hope he likes them

  225. Laura Pritchard says:

    Usually some funny socks!

  226. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Bits and pieces for his veg garden.

  227. CAROLINE WATSON says:

    my dad is a bit of a chocoholic so it’s always something sweet

  228. Lani Nash says:

    We usually get a bottle of his favourite tipple or some gardening gear

  229. Francesca H says:

    Usually something that allows him to chose a little treat when he wants it like a giftcard 🙂

  230. hannah igoe says:

    Dad – driving gloves, husband – no idea! Help!

  231. Amanda Norwood says:

    Sometimes he gets chocolate but this year it will be a new pair of slippers

  232. Keith Hunt says:

    magazine subscription

  233. chloe brill says:

    a nice mug

  234. laura stewart says:

    new trainers 🙂

  235. Emma Denley says:

    Anything golf related!!

  236. Jayne K says:

    Usually something alcoholic or edible

  237. Debi Newman says:

    Chocolate and socks x

  238. Angela Macdonald says:

    Usually chocolate and usually a baseball cap or tshirt, or other clothing item

  239. Beki Lacy says:

    This year I got my Dad tickets to the Super Bike racing at Thruxton!

  240. Emma Nixon says:

    Something for the garden and some decent choccie. He does enjoy hotel chocolat..as a treat!

  241. Samantha R says:

    I just got married so I’ve bought him some personalised gifts with him walking me down the aisle on them 🙂

  242. Lesley Bain says:

    Usually chocolate covered brazil nuts and some silly gifts…normally personalised x

  243. Lindsey Kent says:

    Usually a good book to keep him out of mischief and a nice sweet treat of some variety!

  244. Maddy says:

    He always has a wishlist of CDs in Amazon 😉

  245. Pete says:

    I used to get my Dad some baccy!

  246. leonie silk says:

    I always buy beers and chocolate for my dad – father day, birthday, christmas… doesnt matter on the occasion, its always the same

  247. Amy Lambert says:

    im treating him to some aftershave and a lovely meal out

  248. Debbie Preston says:

    As he’s 78 he says there’s nothing he really needs so we take him out for a meal

  249. Adrian Bold says:

    Usually I get him a brand of whiskey that he likes.

  250. Lisa Pond says:

    Socks! He always says you can never have too many pairs 🙂

  251. Danny Harwood says:

    Oooooo I do like a chocolate

  252. Jamie C Millard says:

    alcohol, choc or an experience day.

  253. alice lightning says:

    my lovely dad isn’t with us anymore but the children usually get chocolates ,underwear or shirts for their father scrumptious looking giveaway

  254. Beccy Rowley says:

    I buy my dad a nice bottle of red wine and take him out for a meal.

  255. MICHELLE Stewart says:

    books he is an avid reader

  256. Erica Price says:

    Take him out for lunch

  257. Hazel Murphy says:


  258. Zoe g says:

    something sciencey or to do with space

  259. paul jackson says:

    My dad has passed away but when he was alive we used to get him his favourite chocolate

  260. Pamela Gossage says:

    Jelly Beans

  261. Rebecca austin says:

    Aftershave or t-shirts normally

  262. James Holyland says:

    Beer and chocolate

  263. Naomi Williams says:

    Go for a meal and chocolates

  264. Michelle Carlin says:

    I will get Guinness and chocolates from my kids to my hubby.

  265. Natalie White says:

    Normally something chocolate-y! Especially dark chocolate which he loves.

  266. Summer Rowley says:

    I’ll be buying him his usual dad mug! He asks for one every year!

  267. olivia Kirby says:

    Wine or whiskey normally, and chocolates for husband off the kids!

  268. Michaela Campbell says:

    The gift of time with his family. We just make sure we’re all together

  269. Mary Houlihan says:

    My Dad lived coffee so I used to get him speciality beans.

  270. Oksana Fitzgerald says:

    A meal with all his family in a nice restaurant

  271. Sarah Lewis says:

    Some new socks!!

  272. Carly Belsey says:

    My dad is a total chocoholic so I usually buy him a huge slab of chocolate and a lovely box of chocolates 🙂

  273. Kevin Pike says:

    My dad gets taken out for a meal and then clothes and beer etc

  274. Chris Fletcher says:

    He usually gets dinner and a pint at the pub, he’s not usually lucky enough to get chocolates as well!

  275. Ruth lee says:

    Golf balls!

  276. Joanne Benham says:

    Sadly my dad died 9 years ago but he totally loved liquorice allsorts so we always used to but he the biggest box we could find!

  277. cathy james says:

    hotel gift card

  278. mainy says:

    A picture frame



    socks and toffees.

  280. Julie Baxter says:

    Anything to do with wrestling hes obsessed

  281. Emma says:

    Nothing so need to change it this year lol

  282. ellie mae walker says:

    Milkybar chocolate and beer is the go to gift!

  283. Emma says:

    Usually his favourite sweets and some DIY stuff

  284. Michelle Wild says:

    We have no dads left….this would be for my husband. I used to buy ties, socks and hankies for my own dad but I ‘m sure he would have preferred these.

  285. Sarah Austin says:

    I’m taking him to the theatre!

  286. Stuart Dunlop says:

    My Dad loves biscuits and chocs

  287. Judy Beba-Brown says:

    Lunch out somewhere really good, plus a card and favourite chocs!

  288. sharon martin says:

    usually his favourite sweets and choccies

  289. Kirsteen of Mackay says:

    Usually chocolates and occasionally a book.

  290. Diana says:

    Whisky 🙂

  291. Nikki Kelly says:

    My Dad is on a strict diet following a recent diagnosis of chronic heart failure, but my mum is far too skinny from a combination of illness last year and worrying about my dad. Some yummy chocolates would cheer her up (and hopefully fatten her up a bit too!) and my dad can have a gift voucher for B&Q or a garden centre – that normally goes down quite well

  292. Marie Rule says:

    I am not sure yet. Maybe I wil get some chocolate or real ale

  293. lotte graham says:

    great comp x

  294. Gillian Hitchen says:

    vouchers for photography days, usually wildlife

  295. A.E. ADKINS says:

    My Dad has also died but we got him books (railways or history), sweets/chocs, wine, beer, smellies – anything he wanted/needed

  296. Diane Duggan says:

    Last year I got him a lovely thick jumper and a bottle of whiskey.

  297. claire little says:


  298. Natalie Crossan says:

    A nice bottle of whiskey

  299. Lynne OConnor says:

    Crystallized ginger

  300. Ben Robb says:

    chocolates eg after eight or terrys chocolate orange

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